Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spring Hookahville 2009

Ryan and I went to Spring Hookahville over Memorial Day weekend and had a blast as usual!! A lot of our close friends were there and there was a fantastic lineup this spring. Good friends and good music....we were in heaven.
We took off early Saturday morning driving East towards a beautiful sunrise.(Ignore the bugs)
The music started pretty early...I think around noon, so by the time we got our tent set up, there was plenty of live music to entertain us.
This was a group called Toubab Krewe who played a lot of percussion. It was great to dance to!!The fella with the popped collar kinda rubbed me the wrong way...or at least his collar positioning preference did, but the guy in the back in the purple shirt was tons of fun!!
He was extremely energetic and semed to play the most dominant sounding drums of the bunch. He really caught my attention for some reason. (Maybe it's the hair)
Saturday night was a blast!! I didn't take many pictures while Ekoostik Hookah was on stage. Why? I have no idea....I'm usually juggling my camera and my drinks all night long. Guess I was just having too much fun!!
They have a small stage where the late night bands play after Ekoostik Hookah is done with their final set for the night. We got to see the band Oakhurst play late night on Saturday. They are a really good bluegrass band. It is always lots of fun to go see all the drunk people dancing at about two in the morning. I'm not sayin I'm never the drunk one....but the later it gets, the more they come out!! :-)
Ryan was stoked Sunday because one of his favorite bands, Secret Chiefs 3, was playing. We were really surprised to see them on the line up this year. They were a great addition to the music of Hookahville!!
I wasn't familiar with Sectret Chiefs 3 before Hookahville this year, but I was pleasantly purprised. They came out in navy blue monk outfits...except for the bass player. I'm not sure what that was all about. Maybe he hasn't gone through all the hazing to earn the uniform or something...who knows. I just know that I really enjoyed them. They played a lot harder music than Hookah, which I don't have any problem with, but like I said before I think it was a really good musical match for Hookahville. They do a really good job of keeping things interesting around there.

One of the great things about Hookahville is that the entertainment is all over the place...not just on the stage....I have no idea who these guys are, but they were lots of fun!!

Les Claypool, the bassist from Primus, was one of the main attractions for people this year. I think having his name on the bill probably brought in an extra 800 to 1000 people. The attendance was higher than it had been in years. I was happy for the band.This is Les.

His band was all wearing creepy dead president masks.
It's good to see a crowd this size at Hookahville!!
Les also came out in a pig mask and an Elvis mask, which I failed to get pictures of.
As the night prgressed, so did our drunkeness. Ryan officially put on the beer goggles. I bet EVERYONE was looking good to him that night!!
his is Dave Katz singing LONER.
As the night went on, I got a little more courage and began to push my way to the front. Usually I try to get there early and just stand my ground until the band starts, but we were hanging out towards the back of the crowd for awhile. I knew eventually Eric would be out from behind his drum kit singing us the encore song, so I had good motivation!!
Cliff hung out behind the keyboard while Dave sang a couple songs. He kept the base going with one hand, and the keys going with the other. AND he was wearing ski goggles.................?The Muffins Middle is the best place to be for photos. This is a great pic of John Mullins AKA Muffins.
This is just before Eric started singing for us....also about the time I started screaming like a little girl :-)
When the hat came off, the party really got started!!!
This is one of my favorite pictures of Eric.Watch out for the can be used as a weapon!!!

This is Ryan and I just before we finished packing up to go home on Monday. It was a long fun-filled weekend. I can't wait to do it again in the fall!!! Ony 3 months till fall Hookahville!!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Last Day in Jamaica

Again, this will mainly just be pictures and a little info so I can catch up on life on this blog!!!

Artwork by Rohan.
This is Rohan with the painting we bought from him.

We ate at 3 Dives for our last dinner in Jamaica.....delicious!!!

Ashley and I on the cliffs at 3 Dives.

Matt and Liz.

Nick and Ashley.

Jerk chicken, callilou, and peas and rice.

That's Jamaica!!!
After dinner we went to the Sea Star where John Mullins was staying. He played a couple songs including Rocky Racoon with a little help from yours truly!!!

Liz, me and Ashley.
Ashley, Liz and I with our cabbie. I think his name was George.
We went to the Twenty Three Seven Bar one last time.....I have no idea who this guy is.

Liz and I just HAD to dance on a table before we left Negril!!Headin back to the airport.These are the herbs and spices and sauces we brought home with us!!!