Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ratdog in Columbus, Ohio

Well...I've got a lot of catching up to do!!!! I guess I'll go in chronological order....so, we'll start with the Ratdog concert in Columbus, Ohio. That was a couple weeks ago on July 17th. My friend Julie and I went together, but Ryan wasn't able to go because it was a week night, and he had to work. Other than the fact that he wasn't there, it was a blast!!!!!
First, Julie and I took off from Kokomo Tuesday afternoon in the rain. As we're driving towards bigger and darker clouds, we realize that we forgot our raincoats...uh oh!!! The show was at the Lifestyle Community Pavillion (formerly Promo West) which is an indoor AND outdoor venue. The Ratdog show was scheduled outdoors....rain or shine.
As we pull up to our hotel, we both just kind of looked at eachother. It looked pretty shady.....but hey, you get what you pay for....and we only paid 40 bucks for the room. Walking into the room, it didn't seem too bad...the carpet was really clean, and the beds looked OK. BUT, once we started looking around a little more, we realized we were in a real dump. There was writing on the wall by the bathroom, there was black stuff...maybe makeup...smeared on the wall in the bathroom, there was nail polish (we think and hope) on the back of one of the headboards, and one of the drawers was broken off of the dresser. We just laughed and took pictures and went on with our night.Nice room....huh??? See that missing drawer?? it was actually broken, kinda like someone ripped it right off of there................

We got into town with a couple hours to spare, so we could have some cheap drinks at our hotel before we left. We called a cab and asked them to be there at 6:30. After a couple drinks a piece, we realized that it was almost 6:45 and we had no ride yet.......well, obviously, we weren't driving!!! So, I start looking out the window, and Julie is looking for other numbers to call for a cab, and this guy in a brown mini van pulls up. He saw me looking out the door, and said "is this room 305?" I said "no, that's a couple doors down." At first, we thought he was our ride. He made a couple comments regarding me and Julie "lookin' goooood" and we took that as a sign to shut the door and say bye bye to this guy.
Finally, we get a legitimate cab company to come pick us up, and head to the show.
The venue was awesome. It was kind of like a mini version of Deer Creek, except it had city scenery all around instead of corn fields. (You all know I prefer the corn fields) There was a lawn on a big hill, and a small pavillion area down by the front of the stage. There were also a few different bars that you could get inside from the inside of the venue. You just had to show your ticket before you could get back out to the lawn. So, we hung out inside the bars a couple times.

When we first got there, we hung out on Shakedown Street where all the vendors were. I love hanging out on Shakedown. We stopped and listened to a couple drum circles and shopped around a little. When we heard Keller Williams take the stage, we headed into the venue.

Here's a pic of Shakedown. There's some crazy guy jumping in the picture....but hey, it looks like he's having fun!!!!

I walked up to the front of the lawn to take a few pictures, and the first person to talk to us after we got inside was John Mullins...the lead singer from Ekoostik Hookah. he stuck his face up in my camera and started making weird noises until I finally looked over to see who it was. I just about crapped my pants......here's John Mullins standing out here on the other end of the stage....as a fan, just like me. So, we ended up hanging out with John for the first hour or so we were there. He came up to our spot on the lawn and sat down with us for awhile. We continued to drink....and drinking with John Mullins is a rarity, because he doesn't drink at the Hookah shows anymore, so it was nice to catch him outside his own stage for a change. I actually felt kind of bad for him at one point, because he had people stopping him and asking him questions about Ekoostik Hookah constantly. He even told one guy to sit down and enjoy THIS show, and they could talk about Hookah later. He just wanted to enjoy the show like the rest of us.

I guess those Hookah boys really are celebrities......in Ohio anyway :-) It was strange to hang out with him outside of that normal environment of Hookahheads yelling, and people focusing on him. It just made me feel good that he chose to spend some of his time with us. I also ran into several other friends from Ohio that I have met by going to Hookah shows. I felt more at home there than I have ever felt even at Deer Creek. Just more familiar faces I guess.....

Keller played for probably about two hours...I'm not sure, I kinda lost track of time. But the highlight of his performance was when Bob Weir came out and did a couple songs together. They did one song I didn't recognize, and they did Cumberland Blues. I got a couple pretty good pictures of them together. Jen, you would have been proud of Bobby.....he was full of energy, and put on an excellent show. And yes....he threw his head back like a true rocker a couple times....it was great.

The Ratdog show was not nearly long enough. Then again, I think that of all the shows I go to. They played Shakedown Street, which always gets me shakin'. They played St. Stephen, Jack Straw, and Knockin' on Heaven's Door......and that's only a few I remember off the top of my head. I couldn't have asked for a better setlist that night. I was so happy!!!! I absolutely LOVE hearing Grateful Dead music live......there's nothing like it. Those of you who have been there....you know what I mean. We watched some of the show from up high on the lawn, but we did manage to meander down to the front of the stage for awhile too. It was just too packed to really dance down there, so we headed back to our little spot we had posted.

It did end up raining on us for awhile. We remembered to stop at a truck stop and pick up a couple panchos, so we stayed dry for the most part. I was just happy we had a hotel and dry clothes to go back to when we were done. The last show Julie and I went to when it rained was miserable...so this was a nice change.

When the show was over, we hung out back out on Shakedown for a little while. There was a lot of partying going on in the parking lot, so it was a fun scene. We probably stayed for about an hour after the show before we decided to grab a cab to get back to the hotel.

When we got into the cab and told the driver the address of our hotel, he turned around and looked at us and said, "Do you tow realize where you're staying? That's not a very safe place for two young girls from out of town." I'm thinking oh great...what's he gonna tell us now. We thought maybe we were at a whorehouse when that mini van stopped, because there was a girl who left with him a few minutes after we talked to him. But no...it wasn't JUST a whorehouse.....it was a crackhouse too!!! Holy Crap!!!

Luckily, the cabby seemed pretty ligitimately concerned, and we felt safe with him. He explained how they put the out of towners on the right side of the hotel, and they put the regulars on the left, and that's where all the squatters stay when they can actually get into the building. It all made sense when he said that, because when we actually looked around a little, we noticed there were several windows boarded up on the left side of the building.

He had heard us mention eating something when we got back to the hotel, and told us it probably wouldn't be a good idea to leave after we got back. So, he was nice enough to turn his meter off and drive us through Arby's so we wouldn't have to walk down there. That was our plan, because Arby's was just at the end of the entrance to our hotel. But he said NO WAY!!! He also had us get everything out of the car that we needed before he left so we wouldn't have to come back outside. We were given very specific instructions by him not to answer the door or leave after he left. WHOA!!!!

But really, we felt perfectly safe once we were inside. We had about four bolt locks on the door and made sure they were lokced up tight. I never heard a peep from outside the whole night.

OK....now the pictures......
This is the "before" picture......
This is the "after" picture............Probably about an hour before the end of the show.....Here's Bobby and Keller playing Cumberland BluesBobby singin' his little heart out

This is Keller Williams.................

Now I'm out of time, so I will have to continue on Thursday.

Next to come.................Jimmy Buffett review............................

Thursday, July 26, 2007

She Really is the Queen

Sometimes it's tough being the only cat in the house. Most of the time.....I just have to be sneaky..........Never underestimate my sneakiness...............

OK, now's my chance.......I've got a long way to go..................... Closer......................
Pit stop behind some junk on Mom's table........maybe those pesky puppies won't find me here......
OK, Mom's following me with the camera now, and I am not happy about it!!!!!

Final destiantion.........my throneNow I'm a happy kitty...................

Michael Vick Dog Fights

Michael Vick, the quarterback for the Atlanta Hawks, went to court today for his dogfighting conspiracy charges. I guess the final court hearing won't happen until sometime in November. I just hope the judicial system puts this creep in his place. I also think the NFL should fire his ass!!! He doesn't deserve millions of dollars.....especially if this is the kind of thing he's doing with his money. He should have to pay it all back in donations to animal cruelty organizations!!!

Apparently, he has been part of a huge dogfighting ring for quite some time. The thought of fighting dogs for entertainment and/or money makes me sick to my stomach!!! I can't believe anyone could treat a living being like this. It's bad enough that he had 66 dogs in one house let alone the fact that he was fighting them. Those poor animals don't stand a chance when they're born into those situations. Sometimes the dogs will be killed before they ever even fight because they're "not living up to a good fighting dog's potential." And then, of course, when they do fight, most of the time it's until death. How cruel!!!!

This is a small piece of an article I read about the situation on MSN: According to the indictment filed July 17, dogs not killed in the fighting pit often were shot, hanged, drowned or, in one case, slammed to the ground. The document alleges that Vick was consulted before one losing dog was wet down and electrocuted.
That's just a small part of the details given.................

If that doesn't turn your stomach a little, then I worry for you. It makes me so mad to know these things go on. Stopping one fighting ring won't change the fact that it goes on. But, the fact that this is such a high profile case, it might make people think twice.....or I hope so anyway.

I would like to see how Michael Vick would like to be wetted down and electrocuted..................

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mickey still needs a home

Hi everyone!!! My foster dog Mickey is still looking for a good, loving home. He's just as sweet as can be, but we haven't had very many inquiries about him from his ad on Petfinder.com . I think some of that may be the wording in his story. The way he is described as a "one owner" pet just doesn't sound very warm and cuddly like I like to think of Mickey.

So, this is a cry for help from anyone with any ideas.........Andrea, Maybe???

Here is the link to his ad on petfinder: http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=8155118

After reading this, please send any suggestoins my way on how to make him look or sound more appealing. There is really NOTHING about Mickey that should scare people off. I'm afraid that the line about how he likes to run may make him sound hard to handle. Let meknow what you think. And, Bo, if you're reading this.....I think Mickey just said yesterday that he would like to live out by Sheridan. Well, you're the only person I know out that way, so I thought maybe you'd like to meet eachother :-)

His page does need updated a little. He has had all his shots now, and has been tested for heartworm (came back negative) and is now on heartworm preventative. I also may be able to pull some strings to get his adoption fee lowered a little just because we haven't had to put much money into him vet wise. He's a very healthy boy!!

So, if any of you know someone looking for a great new addition to their family, or if you have any suggestions on making him sound more desireable on petfinder, let me know. Feel free to forward my info to anyone you may think would like to meet Mickey. I'll do anything for this little guy!! He's just a big cuddle bug!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Ryan and I went camping this past weekend at France Park. It was perfect camping weather....hot enough to swim during the day, but still cool in the shade of our camp site, but just cool enough at night to enjoy the fire. You all know how we love fire!!!! I guess maybe we're pyros, and that's the real reason we get along so well....who knows.

Anyway, we had a great time. We managed to get some disc golf in, two full days of swimming, some miniature golf, a little hiking, played some bullseye washers, played a little skip-bo, and last but not least, we broke out the travel edition of Battleship....and dang it if Ryan didn't sink my battleship!!!!!

I felt like we got a lot accomplished for the short time we were there.

France Park is such a nice place to get away for cheap, and just a short drive. I remember going there when I was a kid and watching Dad and his crazy friends jumping off of the cliffs. I can't imagine jumping off of one of those things. I'm not surprised they don't allow it anymore. The closest I'll even get to the edge is probably about three feet away. I don't know why it freaks me out....maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was forced to wear my lifejacket in the sandbox up at Sissy's cottage when I was a kid....and it was like a quarter mile away from the water!!!!!!

France Park is one of those places I think I will enjoy for the rest of my life. I have a lot of good memories there. Not only with Dad or Ryan.....I had tons of fun there in high school, and even with Michael a few times. Mom and I have been out there swimming together a lot, and Ryan and I keep going back making more great memories....I love it!!!

Swimming is probably the part I like the most about being out there. The water is crystal clear....unlike the Lantz's Pit water I've gotten so used to. You could see to the bottom for probably at least 15 feet out...it was absolutely gorgeous.

A funny thing happened Sunday afternoon while were out swimming. We were floating around on this big double size raft together just soaking up some sun, and listening to all the craziness going on around us. It's amazing how much you can hear if you sit quietly and listen. You can hear conversations from every direction out there, so , of course, Ryan and I had a lot of fun with that. I heard someone say something really funny, and I don't even remember what it was now, but I sat up to see where this conversation was coming from , and there were two little girls swimming near us. One of which just happened to be Jen and Chad's neice Hadley.

I think I kind of freaked her out at first, because as soon as I saw her, I asked if her name was Hadley. She's definitely not a shy little girl :-) I told her I knew her dad and her aunt and uncle. When I mentioned Uncle Chad, all she could do was talk about how OLD he's getting because it was close to his birthday...he he he... (Happy Belated to Chad!!!!!!)

I saw Craig and Jessica (Jen's in-laws) sitting up on the beach looking out at Hadley. Probably wondering who in the world she was talking to. Before we knew it, our raft had been taken over by her and her friend. We told her she should go tell her dad who she was talking to so he didn't freak out. So, she ran up and told him, and within seconds she was back on the raft. Craig ended up out there appologizing for her taking over our beach toys....but we had a lot of fun with them. I think we ended up hagning out with them for the last couple hours we were there. It was great. AND, it was awesome to hear Hadley calling Jessica Mom. They seemed like such a happy little family.

So that made a great end to our trip to France Park this weekend. Lots of fun in the sun, and some good company for the end of the day. It couldn't have been much better!!!!

Here's a picture of the beach as we walked down the first day......................And then, you have Ryan and I sitting on a cliff.....not too close though!!!!!!!!Thought this was a beautiful view...................My baby roastin' marshmallows.............he got a little roasted in the sun that day too :-)Oh delicious smores.........................
Uh.........what?.........I don't remember these pictures......he he he.......................Nope.....don't remember that one either.......................

But I DO remember this!!!! This is the last photo of the trip. We were just heading back to the camp site to clean up after swimming the day away.......................

Everyone needs to go spend some time at France Park......It's only $1.50 to get in for the day, and that includes everything!!! You can't beat it!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

.......................continued from earlier...............

OK, if you haven't read the post just before this (Hookah run night two,) you might want to. It might make a little more sense.

Being the huge Ekoostik Hookah fan that I am, I am involved in a big message board called Hookahheads.com. There are people from all over the place chatting all day and all night.

One of the conversations that was brought up after Hookahville had to do with these guitar picks that John Mullins threw out to the crowd during Hookahville. During the song "Party Girl," there is a line when John says "nice shoes" and the crowd responds back with certain obscenities that I won't repeat here for respect of my family. BUT, that's where the "Nice Shoes" reference comes from.

On Hookahheads one day, my friend Kelly Jo asked me if I had any pictures of the picks that John threw out. She was trying to explain them to someone else on the board, and they weren't understanding, so she wanted some pictures.

When I got home from work that night, I told Ryan that I needed to get a couple pictures of the picks to post online. It started out with us just slipping the pick under my guitar strings and taking pictures of it with my guitar. The glare was keeping the lettering from being legible, so I asked Ryan to hold one for me.

Well, everyone who knows him, knows that Ryan can be quite a character sometimes.....and this is what I got.....................................................

I did manage to get a couple pictures of just the pick also, but I just HAD to post this one along with them. The funny thing about that was.........Ryan didn't know I had posted his picture.

I was pretty sure I would get busted out sometime, because most of the people on that message board are at as many shows as I am, if not more. I knew someone would recognize him from that pic. I just didn't think it would happen as quickly as it did!!!!

Within probably five minutes of the end of the show Saturday in Sylvania, a guy named Curtis came up to Ryan and said "Hey man, where's your 'nice shoes' pick?" It only took a split second for Ryan to put two and two together. I got a look that could kill.......uh oh.....I'm in trouble!!!!!

All of us girls on Hookahheads had been laughing about how much trouble I was gonna get into. I guess I thought I would be safe a little longer than I was. So, as Curtis is totally calling me out on this picture, I started screaming "Oh Sh*t, I'm in trouble!!!!" Then I saw Eric walk by laughing at me ( I was a little obnoxious) and I started screaming "Eric, help me!!!" My drumstick then became my weapon. I threatened to kill anyone in my path with that thing if I had to. I'm not really even sure when the picture of me was taken trying to stab Dave in the chest....he's not even the one I was in trouble with :-)

This is what my friend Brian posted on Hookahheads.com after the story and this picture got out:

"moral of the story, stay away from agallo and drumsticks........."

Needless to say, Ryan has not been upset with me at all. He says I'm in trouble, but I think it's gonna be the kind of trouble I like to get into.....he he he.....Maybe he'll spank me because I've been so bad.

So, that's the inside scoop on that last crazy picture from the last post............

Hookah Run night two...............................

Hi!!!! We're back again!!!!!

OK.....I know it's been a week and a half, but better late than never, right??? That's what we said when we showed up late to the show anyway.......
So, after the run to Cincinnatti last Friday, Dave, Kellyann and I all headed back to Indy to stay at their house. We managed to get home in about two hours, which wasn't bad at all. We all got to bed at about 5:00 AM, and I was the last one up (of course) at noon. We ate some breakfast, and headed back to Kokomo to hang out at my house for awhile before we left for Sylvania.

According to our calculations, Sylvania should have only been about a two and a half hour drive tops. Well, our calculations were way wrong!!!!! It actually took us about four hours to get there.

I always love a road trip, so it wasn't too bad being on the road that long. We were all excited to see the boys again, and depsite almost being hit head on by a crazy semi-driver, we made it there safely at about 10:00.

I was pretty disappointed when we got there because we found out that they had been playing already, and they would only be on until midnight. That's really early for a Hookah show to end. I think it was probably because it was an outdoor venue, and there's some kind of noise ordinance......either way, we had no problem jumping up front and getting our spot in the crowd.

Even though we only caught the second set, the show was rockin'!!!! I got to see my Friend Kelly Jo, from Michigan. She is always so much fun!!! One of our favorite songs is "Party Girl," and there's always some kind of trickery that comes along with that being played.
This time it came from the crowd...actuallly, from Kelly Jo. She is a great seamstress, and made a pair of thong undies with a schwa on them to throw on the stage when they played "Party Girl." Her friend Steph also made a sign saying "Party girls wear schwa undies!!" They held this sign up through that whole song and the undies ended up on the stage. It was really funny when the girls threw them up there. Cliff tried to catch them on the neck of his bass, but after that, all the guys acted like they were scared to touch them. He he he......I guess maybe it's only funny to the party girls, but I thought it was hysterical!!!

There they lie....lonely little party girl panties.......................This is Kelly Jo....she's responsible for the whole schwa undies thing.Me and Kellyann just hangin' out after the show. Kellyann got pictures of every one of the band members that night.....way to go my little paparazzi queen......I love it!!!!!Dave and Ryan doing....who knows what. I think I might have caught Dave playing with Ryan's chocolate locks....not sure :-)Of course, we had to get some pictures with my man, Eric...he gave me a drum stick Saturday night after the show. I'm like a little school girl when it comes to him. I guarded that stick with my life, just like I have all the rest of them.

It made me happy that he thought of me when he broke the drumstick. I had asked him for one the night before, but I know the deal....I only get them if he breaks them....they're to expensive just to give them away!!! So, even though I didn't get one Friday, he came through for me Saturday night. As soon as their encore was over, he grabbed them and brought them down to the front of the stage where we were all mingling around. OH....me makes me feel so special :-)

I have no idea what's going on with my face in this picture.....but I'm glad we got it because I think it's the only one I have of Ryan, Eric and myself all together.....Ryan is usually taking the pictures for me :-)Dave, me, Eric, and Ryan just after the end of the show........Cliffy playin' some mean bass and a little harmonica....man, I love Cliffy!!!!!Here's poor Kelly Jo getting strangled by her hula hoop, and the guy in the green bandana is Rob Skinner who you unofficially met in my post from the Friday night show.I thought the light looked kinda cool in this photo. This is Dave on keys and John on guitar.Another group shot.....this time, Rob's girlfriend Sarah got in the shot!!!!Rob was so happy to see Ryan....this is pretty much how they looked all night :-)This was the last note of the last song of the night. I tried to catch Cliffy jumping off of the drum platform, but I wasn't quite quick enough....you get the idea though........Cliffy and Ryan chit-chatting.....I'm pretty sure I caught them both by surprise on this oneAnd, last but not least, there's this crazy girl with a drumstick running around saying "Save me Eric, I'm in trouble!!!!!!"

But that's a whole different story.... he he he he.......to be continued.....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hookah run night one...........

I spent a lot of time in the car this past weekend, but while I wasn't riding, I was having a blast!!!!

The weekend started Friday afternoon as I headed to the southwest side of Indy to pick up Kellyann and her hubby, Dave. I was supposed to meet them at their house at 5:00 so we could take off for the Ekoostik Hookah show in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Well, since I'm just a little country girl, I forgot to take the Friday afternoon rush hour traffic into consideration when I left my house at 3:30. I thought an hour and a half would be plenty of time......I was soooooooo wrong.

It took me a little over two hours to get to their house........I was stuck on 465 for over an hour. It stressed me out, big time, but after a Klonopin and some Grateful Dead on the stereo, I was feeling good as gold. I pulled up to their house a half an hour late (which really istn't that bad for me) and they were wating outside for me. I think they thought I got lost....but I am the QUEEN of directions......and I drove directly into their drive after I finally peeled myself away from the interstate.

It only took them maybe 3 seconds to get their stuff together, and out the door we went. We thought we might be pushing the clock a little, but turns out, the doors opened at 8:00, and we showed up 15 minutes early.....great timing Friday night at least.

The venue was a place in Cincinnatti called Annie's. Kellyann and I both thought it would be some little hole in the wall because that's how it sounded to us from the website. We were pleasantly surprised, to say the least. The place was huge. It has a really nice stage inside and out. I just wish there would have been a bigger crowd so they could have generated the funds it would've taken to move everything to play outside.

Unfortunately, Ryan had to work Friday night, so he wasn't there for night one, but we went back to get him on Saturday so he could join the fun!!! Dave called Ryan during the first song and held the phone up so Ryan could hear. We did that with a few songs.....so it was kinda like he was there :-)

The music and setlists were amazing Friday night. It was a pretty small crowd, but you would have never known that from the energy in that place. The crowd was great...I got to see several familiar faces that I have come to call my friends over the last few years of following these guys. I also met a few people that I hope to keep in touch with. Just a few more great people to look forward to seeing in the future!!!!

I also got to talk to Eric (the drummer, and my guitly pleasure) before the show. I think I blew our chance to eat dinner with him. I'm such an idiot. At one point, he asked if we had eaten anything yet, and I just answered him honestly. I told him we had discussed it, and we were just gonna go get something after the show. It wasn't until he left that I realized what an idiot I am. I should've said "yes, Eric, we're starving.....do you want to go get something?" but NO.........I had to be honest...and I blew it!!!!

That's me and Eric hanging out before the show. It's always fun to talk to him. He never makes you feel insignificant, or unimportant. That's one of the things I love most about this band. They are so involved with their fans. Eric especially is very easy to approach. Actually, we didn't even have to approach him this time......he just came out and sat right down with us....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Oh well....it turned out to be a great a great night anyway. I danced my tail off as usual!!! I got several great pictures of the band, and a few of some friends of ours.....here goes.......

This first picture is me and Rob Skinner. Ryan and I met him at the fourth of July show two years ago. I guess that would make him about 23 now. It was his birthday the night we met him, and all he wanted for his birthday was to hear the band wish him a happy birthday. Well, we told him it was as good as done....we could get that done for him. I don't think he thought we were serious, but we were :-) About half way through the second set that night, Cliff, the bassist, announced "Happy 21st Birthday to Rob Skinner!!!!" I thought Rob was gonna explode he was so excited!!! Since then, Ryan and I have had his undying gratitude......
Next is Dave, Kellyann, and our friend Derek. They all live in indy, but it's one of those things where I hardly ever see Derek or his wife, Jenn, unless we're out of state at a Hookah show. They are wonderful people too!!! Always lots of fun with them around!!!!

This is Derek's wife, Jenn. She was one of the first people I ever met through Hookah....and she is wonderful!!!!
There's Dave, shaking his tail right along with the rest of us!!!!
Group shot.......Dave and his ladies for the night.........................

I love this picture of Eric. I only wish the lighting would have been a little better. I normally don't get pictures of Eric from this angle, but I was able to get up beside the stage and catch a few good shots........This is a shot of the crowd from the side stage where I hung out a lot of the night....you can see our buddy Rob with his green bandana.....looks like he's pouring his heart out to the band :-)
Of course, I had to get a lot of pictures of Steve Sweney. It's usually very hard to get close to him. All the hookahheads call it "The Sweney Side." But, when I wasn't hanging out on the side stage, I was right up front on the Sweney Side of life!!!!!
Kellyann shook her tail all night with me and Dave :-)

You can always count on good ol' Cliffy to pull some crazy stuff on stage. I saw him and Steve checking out the rafters at one point, and then, the next thing I knew, Dave is getting my attention because Cliff is climbing up on the light fixtures....I had to run back to the side to get some good angles of this!!!!
He even managed to play a few riffs before he decided it was time to get down.....I really wish Ryan would've been there to see that!!!!! Cliff is so much fun!!! I just love him!!!!!

So, there ya go.....that's about it for night one.......time to start working on the next post.........