Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mickey still needs a home

Hi everyone!!! My foster dog Mickey is still looking for a good, loving home. He's just as sweet as can be, but we haven't had very many inquiries about him from his ad on . I think some of that may be the wording in his story. The way he is described as a "one owner" pet just doesn't sound very warm and cuddly like I like to think of Mickey.

So, this is a cry for help from anyone with any ideas.........Andrea, Maybe???

Here is the link to his ad on petfinder:

After reading this, please send any suggestoins my way on how to make him look or sound more appealing. There is really NOTHING about Mickey that should scare people off. I'm afraid that the line about how he likes to run may make him sound hard to handle. Let meknow what you think. And, Bo, if you're reading this.....I think Mickey just said yesterday that he would like to live out by Sheridan. Well, you're the only person I know out that way, so I thought maybe you'd like to meet eachother :-)

His page does need updated a little. He has had all his shots now, and has been tested for heartworm (came back negative) and is now on heartworm preventative. I also may be able to pull some strings to get his adoption fee lowered a little just because we haven't had to put much money into him vet wise. He's a very healthy boy!!

So, if any of you know someone looking for a great new addition to their family, or if you have any suggestions on making him sound more desireable on petfinder, let me know. Feel free to forward my info to anyone you may think would like to meet Mickey. I'll do anything for this little guy!! He's just a big cuddle bug!!!


KellyAnn said...

poor mickey............ :( Hopefully you will find him a home soon.

s-hooks said...

Can you change a picture on there? You absolutely HAVE to put that one of him winking on there! But don't put the first one on there....he looks like he's grumpy in that one! :)

Also, changing the part about his shots and heartworm would have to be a big help.

I liked how Andrea did hers like it was a letter from the dog. Maybe she could help you with that?

Maybe you could put that he's happiest when he gets lots of exercise in there rather than "he likes to run"...maybe that would sound more like a positive..??

You could change your headline to "BEWARE OF AFFECTIONATE DOG" or something else that would spark interest.

Good luck Mickey!

Andrea said...

Alligal, I updated Mickey's ad. I used some of the pictures you posted on your blog and used some of Sarah's suggestions too.

It seems to take Petfinder a while to update, so I'll check back in a little bit to make sure everything updated ok.

Hope it helps!!!

enN2sp said...
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enN2sp said...

That is a VERY GOOD ad! He sounds wonderful!

s-hooks said...

Aww. That's so cute! Let us know what happens with Mickey, ok?

alli-gal said...

Thanks for all your help guys!!! I haven't been at work to check the computer for a few days. haven't even seen his ad yet....heading to petfinder right now...............

alli-gal said...

Wow, Andrea, I didn't know you had access to change all that pn petfinder. If I would've known that, I would have asked you a long time ago.

His owner really didn't have any good reason for getting rid of him. She SAID she didn't have enough time for him. She really just didn't MAKE enough time for him. And what really burns my a** is the fact that she wnet out to get a cute little Jack Russell after she gave Mickey to us. The REALLY bad part is...she's had her little dog for a month or two, and she's always talking about getting rid of him too.

It makes me so mad to see people treat dogs like objects, and not living who knows....after Mickey...I may have a Jack Russell to get rid of.

Thank you for all the help I really appreciate it!!!!

You guys are the greatest.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated!!!

Andrea said...

Yeah, I help Becky with the Petfinder stuff and do a few odds and ends for CAA when she needs me to. Since I can't be a foster mom to any of the animals, it's the least I can do.

Any nibbles from Mickey's new ad? I'd love to see that ol boy get home...soon!