Tuesday, July 10, 2007

.......................continued from earlier...............

OK, if you haven't read the post just before this (Hookah run night two,) you might want to. It might make a little more sense.

Being the huge Ekoostik Hookah fan that I am, I am involved in a big message board called Hookahheads.com. There are people from all over the place chatting all day and all night.

One of the conversations that was brought up after Hookahville had to do with these guitar picks that John Mullins threw out to the crowd during Hookahville. During the song "Party Girl," there is a line when John says "nice shoes" and the crowd responds back with certain obscenities that I won't repeat here for respect of my family. BUT, that's where the "Nice Shoes" reference comes from.

On Hookahheads one day, my friend Kelly Jo asked me if I had any pictures of the picks that John threw out. She was trying to explain them to someone else on the board, and they weren't understanding, so she wanted some pictures.

When I got home from work that night, I told Ryan that I needed to get a couple pictures of the picks to post online. It started out with us just slipping the pick under my guitar strings and taking pictures of it with my guitar. The glare was keeping the lettering from being legible, so I asked Ryan to hold one for me.

Well, everyone who knows him, knows that Ryan can be quite a character sometimes.....and this is what I got.....................................................

I did manage to get a couple pictures of just the pick also, but I just HAD to post this one along with them. The funny thing about that was.........Ryan didn't know I had posted his picture.

I was pretty sure I would get busted out sometime, because most of the people on that message board are at as many shows as I am, if not more. I knew someone would recognize him from that pic. I just didn't think it would happen as quickly as it did!!!!

Within probably five minutes of the end of the show Saturday in Sylvania, a guy named Curtis came up to Ryan and said "Hey man, where's your 'nice shoes' pick?" It only took a split second for Ryan to put two and two together. I got a look that could kill.......uh oh.....I'm in trouble!!!!!

All of us girls on Hookahheads had been laughing about how much trouble I was gonna get into. I guess I thought I would be safe a little longer than I was. So, as Curtis is totally calling me out on this picture, I started screaming "Oh Sh*t, I'm in trouble!!!!" Then I saw Eric walk by laughing at me ( I was a little obnoxious) and I started screaming "Eric, help me!!!" My drumstick then became my weapon. I threatened to kill anyone in my path with that thing if I had to. I'm not really even sure when the picture of me was taken trying to stab Dave in the chest....he's not even the one I was in trouble with :-)

This is what my friend Brian posted on Hookahheads.com after the story and this picture got out:

"moral of the story, stay away from agallo and drumsticks........."

Needless to say, Ryan has not been upset with me at all. He says I'm in trouble, but I think it's gonna be the kind of trouble I like to get into.....he he he.....Maybe he'll spank me because I've been so bad.

So, that's the inside scoop on that last crazy picture from the last post............


s-hooks said...

This is so funny!

There's so much to read here...lots of good material. Why aren't you in my bathroom? Oh, sorry, that's gross!

Dang, I'm gonna have to start carving out weekly alli-gal readin' time just so I can keep up with you!

KellyAnn said...

I finally got onto hookahheads.com and it is really cool. Glad I did. And by the way don't go making me a widow, what would I ever do without him. heehee. You know the real reason you was threating to kill Dave was cuz he took that drumstick from you and took off running. haha.

alli-gal said...

I forgot that was what was going on in that picture....it was all a bit of a blur after Kant busted me out. I would never make you a widow....you're one of the lucky ones. Men like ours are really hard to find!!!!