Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Roller Coaster Ride

Well, the last few weeks have provided a long winding road of emotions.....I'm glad to say that I think the majority of the chaos is over.

Most of you know that my step-mother, Roberta, passed away a few weeks ago. Her illness had been a huge struggle for me because of our lack of contact over the last few years. Her battle is over now, and I pray she is at peace.

Of course, our precious Ian was finally brought into the world only about ten days ago, and boy what a scare that was!! I'm very happy to say that he and Mom are back at home and from what I hear, all is well. That little Ian gave us all a good scare....I think he'll do everything to the extreme if he follows his ways of his first few days on this earth.

One of my best friends, Mandy, got married last weekend. After seeing the struggles she's been through, I am so excited to see things working out for her. I am puppy-sitting for her right now, so I have five...yes...five wienie dogs at the house right now.
The wedding was beautiful and flawless. Nobody fell or messed up their lines. No one knocked over any candles or caught their hair on fire, so it was perfect. Now, I'm not normally an emotional person, but for some reason, Mandy really got me when she was dancing with her dad at the reception. I sat with her younger sister and teared up while they danced to Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. It was good to see her and her father so close that day. They get along well, but aren't as close as I was with my father. Of course, I compared a lot that went on that day to how I would've been with my dad, so I was abnormally emotional that day.

Ryan and I also had our good friends Jeff and Karen, from St. Louis, over for the weekend. What a hectic weekend to have company, but we still managed to cram in a lot of's always so good to see them. We only see them a couple times a year, so it's always hard to say goodbye.

I picked up the phone shortly after Jeff and Karen left, only to hear my mom on the other line crying her eyes out. Her cat had been hit by a car. The really bad part of it is the fact that the nieghbors saw it happen and said the driver swerved to hit the cat.....ooohhhhh that pisses me off!!! That's just like hitting a little girl's mom takes things like that very hard. Although she doesn't mean to, she often exresses her emotions in a very childish manner, so I've been trying to console her the past few days.

However, I have felt extremely happy about the beautiful weather we've had recently. I've been able to get out and do some yard work, which always makes me feel good. I always say I'm solar powered....I feel much better when I have the sun to fuel me.

So, after the roller coaster of dealing with death in a couple different situations, new life being brought into the world, good company, beautiful weather, and sharing the joy of marraige of my friends, I'm ready for a slow steady predictable ride for awhile............

........anyone have a Harley they could take me for a nice long road trip on??????

Ready when you are!!!!!


Andrea said...

That is quite a roller coaster you've been on! It's tough when life throws lows and highs at you all at the same time. Usually leaves my head swirling for a few days. Sometimes at little Dramamine for Every day Life would be nice!

enN2sp said...

Have you ever thought of Writing?

I think you would be an awesome writer! Every time I get a chance, I love reading your blog.

I think you write well, well enough to write a book of some kind.

Maybe some day your life.

"Life" is a good suject to write about.

allison said...

My life is almost always my inspiration to write....sometimes I think writing helps keep me sane.

If I never get around to publishing something, maybe someone will find my dozens of journals at home interesting enough to do something with them. I have seperate journals for certain things like love, confusion, or just random thoughts.

It's actually amazing how much of my life I can remember solely because of writing. I've been keeping diaries and journals since I was about nine years old.

Thank you for the compliment by the way :-)

allison said...

Just a little tidbit....I was planning on putting myself through school for journalism after finishing x-ray school, but I liked it so well that I changed my mind.

enN2sp said...

I think you have REAL writing talent.

But who am I just the general public who happens to like the way you write.