Friday, May 18, 2007

Mom's Dr. Appt.

Thank you so much to everyone for your concern for my mom over the past week or so. She went to the Dr. yesterday, and I was pretty surprised with how well it went. Of course I'm skeptical because I'm not sure I like this Dr. You may all remeber him from getting fired from taking care of Grammy....yeah, it's Dr. Yoo. I had no say so in where she went to start, but I can set her up with a second opinion....which I think I may still do.

Anyway, her Cat Scan report didn't show any obnormality in her chest like they originally thought from her Upper GI report. So, that was great news. It did show a moderate hiatal hernia which we knew was there already. Dr. Yoo didn't even mention the hernia until I asked specifically about it. That made me mad. But, he did change her medications a little, and we're going to see if that helps at all.

It is so frustrating trying to work with my mom to keep her feeling better. She doesn't understand the simple things like not eating greasy foods. That was one of the main things he focused on was her diet, and the first thing she said when we left his office was "Can we go to McDonald's?" I tried to explain to her that McD's is greasy food, but we nearly got into a fight about it. She told me French fries are greasy but burgers aren't. So she ordered a double cheesburger, and got a stomach ache afterwards...go figure. That's the very same thing she did the last time we left there.

Those are the little things that I wish she could comprehend better. So, we'll see how she does on her new meds, and keep our fingers crossed.

Thank you again for all your prayers and concerns. I really appreciate everyone's support.


s-hooks said...

Well, that sounds better, but I wish she could get a second opinion. Just in case.

If it were any other Dr.?? I dunno. I mean, was he ever going to bring up the hernia?

alli-gal said...

I don't know if he would have brought it up or not...and that's what makes me mad. If I didn't have the inside scoop from working in the medical field, we may have never known.

It makes me nervous that he is caring for her anyway. He doesn't have the best track record, you know......

enN2sp said...

Couldn't you find someone else to take care of your mom? With all the doctors in town there has to be some one better than that clown?

I would defiantly get a second opinion no matter what. You just never know.

It would make me nervous as well to have him taking care of anyone in my family.

enN2sp said...
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alli-gal said...

I feel the same way Rosie. I did get her set up with Dr. Kaushal for a second opinion. She doesn't actually have an appointment yet, but I sent him copies of all her test results, and he's supposed to call me and let me know if he thinks it would help for him to see her.

I like him, and know him, and feel much better about his skills as a doctor, so hopefully he'll be able to help her.

The meds that Dr. Yoo changed around have not helped at all yet. I feel so bad for her. She gets terrible pain, and throws up every single night. That's got to be horrible......