Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Puppy in Need

I always thought Ryan got frustrated with me for the whole dog rescue thing, but I realized I was wrong when he rolled up in his truck after work with this sweet little angel two nights ago.

It's the first time he has been solely responsible for bringing a dog into our home.
This dog, who we're calling Nina, was turned over to Ryan at work by a friend of his. This guy's sister got her a couple months ago and decided she couldn't handle her anymore. She left for Texas for a month and chained the dog to a chair on her front porch. Then she called her brother and told him she was there two days later and to get rid of her. She said she didn't want her there when she got home, and she didn't care what he did with her, so he called us.
Ryan was totally appauled when he got to the house to find her chained up with no food or water. She had gotten herself tangled up around the chair she was tied to and only had a couple inches to move. It looks like she may have gone hungry for more than just two days. Just look at her little ribs poking out....bless her heart.She ate so much the first night that she puked. I felt bad for her, but I had to take the food from her so she wouldn't make herself sick anymore.

She's only about six months old, but seems to do pretty well going potty outside. We've had one accident in her kennel since she came to stay with us a few days ago. She gets along really well with all the other dogs. We even have my friends Mandy's dog right now because she's in Cancun. So, that means we have six dogs in the house!!!!!I know, I know, that sounds completely crazy....but it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Ryan and I were sitting on the kitchen floor the night he brought her home with all six dogs with us and I looked around and said "we really are crazy, aren't we?" His reply was a stern and defensive "NO!!!!!!"

I knew I married this man for a reason!!I mean, how could you look at this face and call him crazy?!?!?!? He's just as sweet as she is!!!These pictures are all before we had a chance to get her cleaned up and groomed. Our neighbor, Marcus, took her yesterday and clipped her hair and nails and gave her a bath. She looked like a different dog when I got home last night. I'll have to post some "after" pictures when I get a chance.We may have already found a home for her. I'm really hoping things will work out with the girl who has her tonight. Marcus knows a girl who is looking to get a puppy, so she took her home with her for a few days to see how it goes. If it doesn't work out for some reason, I'll be hitting you all up to help me help her.

I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


enN2sp said...

That STUPID girl needs a beat down for treating that poor baby like that! She should be ashamed!
(did I sound like a mom or what?)

Well at least she is in a good home for now.

Andrea said...

I hate people who get animals and then flat out refuse to do the right thing. Stupid girl was probably trying to starve her. I'm glad you have her now (or that possible new owner). I bet Nina is so happy to be loved!

alli-gal said...

I'm pretty sure this is going to work out with the girl who took her home. The first night went really well, so we'll keep our fingers crossed!!!

Bitzky77 said...

That dog has a great mug. Nice rescue!

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