Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween.................GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!!

The puppies got us all started off right on Friday with their own costumes. Franklin was a penguin, Delilah was a witch, and Jerry.......well, he was just a weiner!!!!

A bunch of friends came to West Middleton for Halloween to celebrate with us, and naturally, we had a blast!!!!

Matt and Liz rocked the army gear!!!

Dave and Kelly were the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

I don't know this lady's name, but bless her son's heart...............He has bigger boobs than I have ever dreamed of having!!!!

Aunt Cindy and I were the dalmations. It got awfully hot in there!!

This chick rocked the Amy Winehouse look really well. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Big Bad Wolf wants him some Bunny..........YUMMY...............and yes, that IS Ryan as the horny bunny :-)

One of few group pictures I got:

L-R Me, Liz Giblin, Nick Bankowski, The Easter Bunny, AKA the horny bunny, AKA Ryan, Bobby Blue is hiding in the back, Big Rob Bankowski and Big Pam Bankowski are up front.

This is my dad's old buddy, Jimmy Jones. He plays the guitar and is always ready for some fun!!!

Then we had Aunt Flo. It was much better seeing her for fun than it is during that special time of the month:-)

My man Marcus was an Indian chief.

We had lots of good food for the night, but with all those people, it came down to slim pickins by about midnight. I don't know who did it, but someone showed up really late with bags and bags of Taco Bell. I could've just kissed 'em!!!

Oh yeah........Dancin' Doggie was having fun by that time!!!!

Saturday night, our friends Eric and Abby Springer had a Halloween party also. Our friends Matt, Liz, Dave and Kelly from Indy all stayed in Kokomo for the day Saturday and continued to party with us another night.
Matt and Liz looked great as Sonny and Cher.........Nice stash LIZ!!!!

Saturday night, Ryan's bunny suit was a little too soiled to go out in public, so he then became the Easter Bunny dressed as Santa who was also celebrating St. Patty's Day. Confusing, I know, but amusing.....yes indeed.

My Dalmation suit was also pretty trashed after Friday night, so I threw some crazy stuff together and went as Mick Jagger's girlfriend. No, David Bowie is NOT Mick's girl, I am. But, David IS my girl:-)

Ryan taught me to respond to people by saying "I'm Mick Jagger's girlfriend, who the hell are you," in a British accent whenever anyone asked who I was. So I threw the attitude around all night. It was fun!!

After spending a little time at Eric and Abby's, we went to Hacienda to see our neighbor's band play. It was pretty funny because we were the ONLY people dressed up in the whole place. After all, Haloween was over. But that didn't stop us. Shoot, if I could come up with a reason, I would dress up crazy every day. It's so much fun!!!

That horny rabbit just wouldn't keep his hands off of me!!!!

Ryan literally got on his knees to praise Big Rob as he sang a couple songs with the band. It's great to get out and support the local music scene. Especially when they're all you're friends and neighbors!!!

This poor guy wore himself out. It must've been all that dancin' and humpin' and drinkin' and humpin' and eatin' and humpin' and, well, you get the point.
Hope you all had half as much fun as we did!!!!!


*Jen* said...

The pictures are hilarious! Had a great time at Bobby's. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I couldn't find you! Your Saturday night party at Hacienda and the bon fire looked fun too. I just love Halloween! Good times!

Bitzky77 said...

Awesome parties!

Dancin' Doggie was such a funny photo.

KellyAnn said...

I had a blast also. Can't wait til next years!!!!!

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