Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Facebook Blues

Well, my new addiction has come to a crashing hault today. I was having a good day, working, and checking into my facebook page every now and then, chatting with Lisa and some other friends until I came back from lunch. Them BAM!!! I go to get back on facebook to finish the conversation I started just 30 minutes ago, and it's BLOCKED!!!! Just like that. I didn't even get to finish my conversation!!!

Big Brother is watching..............

On the up side of things, my blog will no longer suffer the loneliness of me having facebook. I'm sorry little blog. I will not ignore you any longer.


Kelly said...

That does suck, ugh!!!!

Andrea said...

Just heard the other day that the Univ. of Indy (on Indy's south side) told students they can no longer access Facebook through university servers - over 25% of server usage was devoted to Facebook activity! We're a buncha ackadoodle Facebook addicts!! :)

Andrea said...

make that wackadoodle...ackadoodle, ah what's the dif?

*Jen* said...

That is a bummer! I check FB all the time at work. It's pretty sad, but have to admitt that I am addicted to know what people are up to and the stupid pictures they are posting. At least you got to see my funny birthday pictures.

Bitzky77 said...

I don't like facebook very much. It's not very user-friendly. To be honest, myspace works a lot better. When I say that, people usually frown & insist that it's not for adults. I have it because of the band.

I'm here on blogger too! Post away!

alli-gal said...

I love facebook, and now I'm not blocked anymore, so I'm a happy girl again, but I really do have some catching up to do on here.

I like keeping track of all of my adventures here because I can print them out and keep them as a journal. I have been able to savor lots of memories this way!!

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