Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1st Annual Indy Gang Christmas Party

Over the past few years, Ryan and I have grown very close to a group of friends who we have shared all kinds of fun and experiences with. This year, we all decided to get together and had a Christmas celebration. My pictures are not in order, but you'll be able to see that we were having fun from end to beginning and beginning to end this way :-)
We had a little dance party in the living room. Danced to some Cake, Niel Diamond, Beatles, Cage the leephant, and several others. The music never stopped!!!
Beardhead was a big hit with all the guys!!!

Everyone wanted a piece :-)

I think the beard really bring out Nick's eyes!!
Matt and Liz looking all good and stuff!!

We ate and ate and ate!!!

Beardhead and reindeer antlers were a great combo!!
These pics are gonna make great memories!!!
Somebody stole my antlers and ran off to the bar!!
Yes!! I still have a VCR and use it proudly!! Always happy to have a new Grateful Dead VHS to add to the collection!!!
We did some re-gifts just incase some people didn't have gifts!! The COLTS beer cozy was tricky with beardhead :-)

You can never go wrong with a bottle of Chardonnay!!!

Smooches for beardhead!!!
Everyone had to get a swig of the champagne!!!
OMG....Ashley got and MJ DVD!!!!
DAnce Party again!!! And Ryan was even smart enought to bring his comfy pants!!
Who you double doggin'?!?!?!
Makes Daddy proud!!!

Liz, Me, Ashley and Anglea

Here's most of the gang: Me, Kelly, Ashley, Matt, Ryan , and Jamie!!

Just look at that sweetie pie!!!
Shakin' it to Shakedown Street

Matt and Liz and Me and Matt Helton

Jamie and Ryan love eachother!!!

Bill......I know you're not nearly as innocent as you look!!!!!

Ashley and Joey Salad

Mickey stole my antlers!!!
And Ryan stole them back!!!


Andrea said...

Beardhead rocks and so does your Double Dog Dare t-shirt!!!!

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