Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 2006!!!!

Well, 2006 is officially under way. It's pretty hard to believe another year has passed. Time seems to go so fast anymore...now I know what all the "old folks" meant when they used to tell me that time goes faster and faster every year. Doesn't it seem like it was just yesterday that everyone was freaking aut about the new millenium???? Now, here we are, six years later......

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great New Year celebartion. Our trip to Kentucky was a blast!! When I figure out how to work my nice new camera, I'll post some pictures from the show.

The concert Friday night was enough to bring in my new year, but we still made the trip to St. Louis as well to visit some friends. Three days later, I'm still recuperating from a crazy weekend.

Before the show Friday night, we met up with Dave and Kelly ( a couple friends we met at Hookah shows) in Newport and had dinner and just hung out at the hotel. Eric Lanese (the drummer & my guilty pleasure) came and hung out with us before the show!!! It was so nice to actually have him in our room where we could have a decent conversation rather than a quick "hello, how've you been...e-mail me" type thing. We tried to get him drunk, but he was being a "good boy." (Those are his words) I would never call Eric a good boy :-) Nevertheless, we got some good quality time in before the booty shakin' began. That made my day...if not my year!!!

The show was very bitter sweet. It was great to be up in front of the boys one last time. The energy from both the stage and the crowd was out of this world!! I ran into several friends I have met through our travels following the Hookah boys, so that was nice. They played for about three hours, and closed with an encore covering "Don't Fear the Reeper." Who would've ever seen that one coming?!?!? Not this girl!!! There were tons of people in the audience screaming "more cowbell!!!" It was hilarious. I wish I could figure out how to put all my feelings into words, but the situation is still so fresh in my mind...I need more time to think...It's hard work, you know!!

Our trip to St. Louis was fun also. The drive was rough after only about three hours of sleep, but Ryan is a champ. He drove the whole trip and I slept quite a bit.

We arrived in St. Louis at about 2:30 Saturday afternoon. So, we were there for just over 24 hours...but it was worth it. We stayed with our friends Jeff and Karen...both wonderful people. We went to Jeff's parents' house on New Year's Eve for the annual family get-together. It's only the second year I have gone with Ryan, yet I feel right at home with all these new faces. Jeff's family considers Ryan one of their own, so I have come to accept them as part of our extended family. We had a lot of fun playing shuffel board, ping pong, drinking, eating, and well, lots of other stuff...maybe I'll remember more details later...who knows!!!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did bringing in the new year!!


s-hooks said...

Sounds like you did it up right!

I had a semi-boring designated driver/pregnant lady new year's party...next year will be way different for me-that is unless Craig knocks me up AGAIN! :)

Andrea said...

Jerry looks so cute in that pic!! Sounds like you had an action packed weekend!!!

Rich and I had a somewhat dull, recover from having Livi and Manda stay all night the night before New Years Eve. We stuck around here and then blew horns and pulled those poppy confetti things when the clock struck 12. We wanted to shoot Rich's new shot gun and pellet gun at the neighbor houses but didn't think the neighbors or the PD would enjoy it as much as we would have.

Oh yea, we saw Dick Clark on ABC.

Shooks...you're funny!

allison said...

Don't you just want to give Jerry a big hug or something...he was such a cute old man!!!!

Andrea said...

He looks so much like the guy that Rich's brother lives with. AND....they are both hippies from the 70's for sure!

Anonymous said...

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