Friday, March 17, 2006

concert for Bangla Desh


"Bangla Desh"

My friend came to me, with sadness in his eyes
He told me that he wanted help
Before his country dies

Although I couldn't feel the pain,
I knew I had to try
Now I'm asking all of you to help us save some lives

Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh
Where so many people are dying fast
And it sure looks like a mess
I've never seen such distress
Now won't you lend your hand and understand
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh

Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh
Such a great disaster - I don't understand
But it sure looks like a mess I've never known such distress
Now please don't turn away, I want to hear you say
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh
Relieve Bangla Desh

Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh
Now it may seem so far from where we all are
It's something we can't neglect
It's something I can't neglect
Now won't you give some bread to get the starving fed
We've got to relieve Bangla Desh
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh
We've got to relieve Bangla Desh
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh


s-hooks said...

That breaks my heart to see those poor babies over there.

Andrea said...

There are so many children suffering in the world...Africa, Ethiopia, Asia, Somalia, Iraq, Afganistan...the list of countries is unthinkable. By 2010 there will be an estimated 25 MILLION Aids Orphans in the world.

Only go here if you want to cry for hours:

I wish I could get a few from all over the world. It shouldn't be so expensive ($10,000-$20,000 each!) But then again, it makes it tough so only the committed are going to do it.

One of these days I'll have some carmel colored babies!

boneman said...

just a heads up, as it were.
Almost seems frivolous due to yer subject matter here, but, oh well....

There's answers on andrea's ask andrea blog....

Not to pass up a cause of my own, but, I was shocked to hear that 317 people die of starvation everyday....right here in the US.
That means, about 17 or so from Indiana will actually starve to death today.

About two months ago, our minister suggested that for the following week we all go bless somebody. At first, I thought he meant, you know, with water and chanting and such. It seemed odd, cause that ain't the kind of church we are. Anyway, what he meant for us to do was go help some one, anyone, whether we knew them or not. Just help.
And, sure enough, I found out that a gal I knew was trying to get some old, dog torn-up furniture outa her house, and I knew she had a bad back, so I volunteered to help her out. It worked out really great! I was just the help she needed and we got it done in a few hours.
No, din't take the $ she offered. And, now I like to do that alot. Just help people at a moments notice.

Which brings me to this...
If I need "help" from someone we both know and love, can I look to you for that help?

boneman said...

OK, completely ignore the thing I wrote about "answers" being in Andrea's blog. I was goofing around, didn't realize that she had already answered the question, and oh...
To make it up to ya, here's something a friend of mine sent...

There's music by the Beetles and some great show, too.

Plus, I know of a place I would almost bet Andrea doesn't even know about that is a fun thing fer couples....and it's right here in Indiana.

allison said...

Have any of you had the chance to see the DVD? It is outstanding!!!

It is very sad to see anyone in this world starving....especially in our own're right Boneman.

By the way've peeked my curiosity about this "fun place for couples in Indiana" Tell me more!!!!

Andrea said...

Be careful what you ask for AlliGal! hehehehe

allison said...

Just like the old saying, huh?

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it...ooooohhhhh!!!!