Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Watch out for the blue hairs

So, I'm on my way to work on Sunday, just sitting in my car at a stop light, minding my own business.....and.......BOOM....I get rear-ended.

I'm already running late for work, so I really don't have time to deal with this crap. I get out of my car, saying a few choice words to myself as I approach the car behind me. Then what do I see, but a sweet little blue haired lady that looks as if she's about to cry. Suddenly, my fury was gone and my sweet speaking self came back saying "Oh, honey, are you OK? You didn't hit your head or anything did you?" After a couple deep breaths, she finally looks up with a pitiful look on her face. "Honey, I'm so sorry," she says. "I was already stopped behind you and I was looking through my purse and my foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas. I'm SO, SO sorry!"

After seeing how much more upset about the situation she was than I was, and knowing I was already late for work, I said "Let's just forget this happened. No one is hurt, and the cars are fine." I thought she was going to cry right then and there.

So , anyway, even though no one was hurt, it still made me mad. But what can you do?!?


s-hooks said...

Oh crap!! That sucks! A fender bender AND late for work. You almost wish it was some jerk so it'd be easier to be mad!

Well, you know you did a good thing...and that was sweet of you to let her go. I'm glad your cars didn't get messed up.

Maybe some day in about 40 years you'll accidently smash some hot young tottie's car, and she'll be sweet to you just like you were the other day...never know.

But still. Dang bluehairs..


Anonymous said...

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