Friday, September 21, 2007

Buddy Guy in Indianapolis

Shame on me!!!!!

It has been way too long in between posts, and I've got some catching up to do.

The day after we arrived home from Hookahville, we decided to drive down to Indy to meet some friends and go to the rib fest. I had no interest in the ribs, just the music.

Buddy Guy was playing, and there was only a four dollar charge to get in......SWEET!!!!!! Buddy Guy was one of my Dad's favorite blues artists, so I grew up listening to him. I really didn't start hearing him as a familiar name among other people until the late nineties. He has played with Carlos Santana and John Mayer more recently.

We got together with our friends Matt and TeShannah before the show. The guys got a couple beers, and we walked over by the stage to catch a glimpse of the legend. He put on a great show. He was really funny. He would start singing a song, and get almost all the way through it and then stop all of a sudden and say "wait, I know another one," or "hang on, you'll like this one too." It made everyone laugh. The ribfest, however, is not anything like seeing an actual concert at a music venue. First of all, once the uppity Indy people (no offense) put their seats down, they expect you to stay the heck out of their way. Whatever you do, DO NOT walk into their path...they'll be happy to let you know how unhappy they are. Kind of a tight ass crowd, but you know how we roll......we made the most of it, and still had a great time!!!

Here's a few pictures.....Like I said, I didn't want to piss anyone off anymore than we already had, so I kept my distance with the camera. But I was still pleased with a couple of them considering what I was working with.Buddy Guy showing off some of his tricks!!!
This is my TeShannah....I call her my carmel friend. Ryan calls me her carmel friend because I'm "just as black as her" so he says :-)

This is Matt and me being silly!!!My baby, TeShannah and me.............I love these two!!! We always have so much fun together. They're tons of fun!!!I liked this picture even though you can't see anyone's face. I thought the sun reflecting off of the buildings looked cool.


KellyAnn said...

Our side of town and no phone call, what were you thinking? lol, jk, looks like fun!

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