Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hookahville XXVIII

One more Hookahville only nine months to go before the next one!!!! Yes, I'm already counting!!!!

We had such a great time this weekend. Ryan and I both worked late Thursday night and got up to leave for Ohio at 3:30 AM Friday morning. I felt kinda bad for Ryan.......he drove all the way while I slept. I couldn't help it. My eyelids felt like they had boulders hanging on them.

We stopped first at Aaron's house to meet up with him and Julie so they could follow us there. I remember nothing of the ride to Ohio....only that we stopped once for Mcdonald's and a pee break.

It was about 8:30 AM Friday when we pulled into the parking lot. We made really good time. I think that's the earliest we've ever made it to Hookahville. Too bad the gates didn't open until 9:00 and we had to wiat a half an hour. We weren't real happy about that, because, it specifically said doors would open at 8:00 AM. But, hey, it was a nice day, so we all just hung out in line while we waited.

We found a good spot to camp, pretty close to where we were last spring, so that made it easy to find after the sea of tents kept growing. Aaron, Julie, Ryan and I all had our tents up within an hour or so, and were ready to just sit and hang out with eachother. Julie brought a big shade tent, so we hung out in there waiting on the rest of our Indiana crew to arrive.

Shortly after noon, we got a call from one of the guys saying Dave, Kelly, Pete, Rhonda, Matt, Liz, and her friend Jacquie were finally here. Ryan met them by the gate, and showed them to the spots we had tried to save for them. It was starting to get crowded, so I was glad they got there when they did. The spots around us were disppearing quick!!!

The first person we wanted to see and hear play was David Gans. He used to travel as a roadie with The Grateful Dead. He covered a few Dead tunes and did a lot of originals. I really enjoyed his set. Here's a few pictures of Daivd:

After David Gans, we had a couple hours before Dark Star Orchestra took the stage. So, we all headed back to the camp site for awhile. We played a lot of corn hole. Ryan's dad made him a corn hole game for his birthday.....we all love it!!!I love this chick. She sings the parts of Donna from the Grateful Dead, andin my opinion, she sounds much better than Donna ever did.........I think this guy is gonna look just like Jerry when he gets older. His voice in hauntingly similar to Jerry's. When you're not looking right at the stage, it gives you the feeling of hearing Jerry live again. Absolutely amazing!!!

When Dark Star played, it was still pretty hot outside, so we watched part of the show up by the stage, and part of it from the big hill where there's a little more shade. I actually fell asleep in the shade up there for awhile. That nap was much needed...believe me!!

Dark Star played for a few hours, and then it was time for some HOOKAH!!!!!!

The guys took the stage, and we all went crazy!!! It is always so exciting to see them come out to start a show. Here's a few pictures of the Friday night show:

OK, so there's the famous people from Friday here's the rest of us!!!!
This is Aaron and my friend Julie.
Here's Matt poking his head around like he always does......with Ryan and Aaron..............Me and Kelly Jo.....this was before her haircut.......just keep reading :-)My sweet baby, all red faced...and me all drunk faced :-)
This picture was taken Saturday afternoon from the hill where I took my nap. Look at that beautiful sky!!!! We couldn't have asked for better weather!!!This is Andrew and Kelly Anne playing some corn hole. Ryan and I made a rule that if you win, you have to write your team name on the board. There was some funny stuff written on there by the end of the weekend!!!Liz and Matt working on an afternoon snack for all of us......check out all the burgers....YUMMO!!!!Ryan, Pete and Rhonda. We met Pete and Rhonda through Kelly Anne a couple weeks ago at the Jester Music Festival. They're great people, and tons of fun!!!!!Kelly Anne and me......awwwww aren't we sweet?!?!?
Ryan and Aaron haning out playing some corn hole!!!Dave eating one of those delicious burgers you saw Matt and Liz working on :-)Oh yes....we brought our tails!!!! The kitties were prowling the ville this year, that's for sure!!!!This is a few other friends from Indianapolis. We met them through Ekoostik 'em all!!!! Dani, Julie, and Jenni.All I can say about this is....I was not being held respsonsible for my actions at this point in the night :-)
OK, you saw what my hair looked like Saturday take a peek at Ryan's. He did a much better job!!!!! But then again, I didn't exactly DO my hair that way, it just ended up that way after I let people keep sticking glow sticks in my hair :-)Check out those guns..........he he heSTP baby......START THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!Oh should all be familiar with my guilty pleasure, Eric, by now. You normally would see him behind the drums, but it's Hookahville tradition for him to sing the encore song the last night of Hookahville.Of course, I was front and center for Eric's song. He always does a cover....usually something unexpected from Ekoostik Hookah....and I can definitely say that for this year's encore. It was "Stay With Me" by Rod Stewart........weird. But, Eric made that song his own!!!!

This was the final picture of my sweet hair do before I let the glow sticks drop........and this is what we did with them:Oh....poor Andrew.....good thing he had some undies on, Huh?Rule Number ONE: NEVER, NEVER be the first person to pass out at Hookahville!!!!!!Whoa, Dude.....................

OK, one last chapter to the Hookahville blog.......remember that picture of me and Kelly Jo earlier???? Well, she organized a few people to get together and let the band members cut their hari for Locks of Love. This is Dave Katz from Ekoostik Hookah getting ready to chop her beautiful hair off..............................

Oh, How sweet!!!!!!!And there she is twelve hours later, and she still can't stop touching it!!!!

I think it's awesome that they did that. There weren't very many participants, but a few of us talked about getting it going for Spring Hookahville too. Maybe if the word gets out a little more, we'll actually have a few takers this spring.

Until then....I'm gonna hang onto my hair and enjoy the ride!!!!!


KellyAnn said...

HAHA..... Good times I love reading your blogs there is always things I miss. I didn't go up front at the end so I didn't get to see Eric that close but I think I really like when he wears his hair done, it looks cool. Alright let me go send Liz the link to this she's waiting to see your pics too. heehee

s-hooks said...

Fun Fun!! Great pictures!!

Bitzky77 said...

That one titled "whoa dude" is great! Must have been late or something....right? And who's buying that guy's underwear for him?