Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back From Vegas Baby!!!!!

We're BACK!!!!!!!! It has taken me two full days to feel half way recuperated from this trip....holy cow, was I worn out!!!!! We had a blast!!! I won't bother with a big narrative description before I get into the pictures. There are so many, it was hard to narrow it down to the ones I wanted to post. So, I'll just tell you all about them as we go................
This one seems pretty obvious to me......Ryan gambling and drinking. We played slots off and on all weekend, but I prefer the other stuff. I lose a lot more when I play slots, it seems. My favorite is Texas Tea!!!!!
Not a very good picture, but I HAD to make an attempt when we saw an Elvis impersonator. He actually sounded really good. To be honest, I can't even remember which hotel we were in when we saw this guy. We just happened across him, so I had to stop for the photo op!!!!
Just playin' around!!!!!
Do you like Ryan's big balls?!?!? he he he That necklace was fifty bucks!!! Needless to say, we didn't buy it!!! We just shot a pic real quick and took off!!!! He said they were really heavy!!!
This picture is outside our hotel in the garden area. The whole hotel was georgous, especially outside.............
This was inside Ceasar's Palace. We were just out site seeing.
The first full day we were there, we got up and spent a few hours out by the pool. It was awesome. It was about 105 degrees in the heat of the day that day. That was actually a little cooler than it was when we got there. It was 109 when we landed Friday afternoon.
My baby cooling off with a cold brew by the pool
This guy that looks like Michael Jackson was hanging out by the Bellagio. We wanted to get our picture taken with him, but he was charging people, so I just snapped one of him and this random stranger. The MJ impersonater was pretty impressive, and not quite as creepy as the real thing :-)
This was outside a club called "Revolution." They had lots of cool Beatles memorabilia. I'm sitting inside the first "O."

We just happened to see this inside of Sahara as we were walking down to the Stratosphere. Being the little hippie I am, I couldn't resist.....................Lovin' the Joe Cocker album in the window.....It's one of his best!!!!

We got to see Pete Rose signing autographs insided a little shop at Ceasar's Palace. We both thought it was a little ironic seeing him in Vegas considereing his gambling habits...OOPS!!!! But, it was really cool to see someone famous!!!!!
This is Ryan just outside the Bellagio. I was disappointed in the music they chose for the fountains. I don't even remember what they were playing now, but it was a country song, and it didn't fit the elegance of the fountains at all.

Here's a few more pics of our hotel and the pool. Man, it was nice!!! I could've spent my whole weekend in that pool, but it closed really early. I think it was completely shut down by about 5:00 pm each day. I would have loved to take a swim at night, but we couldn' hoo...........

These pictures didn't turn out very well, but I wanted to post some from The Orleans where we went to see the comedian George Carlin. It's off the strip a couple miles, so I had never been there before. That hotel was amazing....even in the standards of a Vegas hotel. Everything was very colorful, and reminded me of Mardi Gras. The outside of the building looked a lot like the French Quarter.
We went to The IN & OUT Burger before we headed over to The Orleans for the comedy show. Ryan was just dying to go there. I was happy to go there just because we could actually eat for under ten bucks. Wish we had one of those here.....................
This picture was taken just outside The Orleans while we were waiting on a cab.
Ryan tried to tel me this is where circus peanuts come that's what we called these orange things all weekend.
This was also inside The Orleans.
And this one..................
And this one..................actually, this face was at the end of a bar hanging over your head. It was really cool!!!

Once again, I wish my camera worked a little better.......these two pictures are of the ceiling in the Tropicana where we stayed. This is over the main entrance of the casino. All stained glass, and just enormous!!!!!
These next few pictures are all from the walkway over Las Vegas Blvd. That was on the corner where our hotel was. The hotel with the Statue of Liberty is New York New York. Ryan and I wanted to ride the roller coaster there, but we never got around to it.This is looking south towards Madalay Bay, and you can see one sign for Tropicana to the left. This is the walkway going across Tropicana Ave. looking East. The big building on the left is the side of MGM.
This is west over Tropicana towards New York New York.This is another view from the walkway over Las Vegas Blvd. facing north down the main strip.
This is one of the lions at MGM. The cats they have are all direct decendants of the lion that we all see and hear roar at the beginning of MGM films.
So, there you go folks.......that's the trip in a nut shell.


enN2sp said...

That is one BIG nut!
It looks like you both had a BLAST!!

Andrea said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a fun trip! Love the giant beads!!!

Your dresses are super cute too!

Laaaaas Wages....there's nothing like that city! I'm ready to go back!

s-hooks said...

Awesome! I love the big ball necklace too!

Jen said...

Another good time!!! Isn't Vegas just the best place to visit? What great fun! love the picutes....thanks for sharing!

KellyAnn said...

Man I've got to visit that place. It looks awesome.