Thursday, August 09, 2007

Man Man in Bloomington

OK, back to business.

I guess I'm ready to try to get caught up on the last show I went to before I left for Florida. This was actually just over a week ago in Bloomington.

Ryan has been talking about this band called "Man Man" for quite awhile now. He was very excited when our friend Shawn Kirby called to tell us they were coming to the Bluebird in Bloomington. I really dont care for their style of's a little loud for my taste, but I always appreciate a live show and I can't deny that they're good at what they do.

I didn't know exactly how to explain the type of music they play, so I looked them up on Wikipedia. This is what they had to say about Man Man: Man Man is known for their multi instrumental style that centers on the keyboard of Honus Honus and a revolving door of instruments played by the rest of the band. On record, Honus usually plays a honky tonk style piano but during the live shows he performs on a Rhodes Piano. The rest of the band plays instruments including a Clavinet, MicroKorg, Euphonium, Fender Jazz Bass, Danelectro Guitar, Xylophone, Melodica, Science and various percussive instruments.
I have no idea what some of those instruments are, but they all sounded great!!!

Anyway, I was happy just to be hanging out with Ryan and a few friends. Clint and Shawn Kirby ( we have to call him by his last name just doesn't sound right otherwise...) were there, so it was kind of like a little family reunion for all of us. I wish our schedules allowed us to see eachother more often. I call them both my "big little brothers" because they're bigger than me, but they're both younger. was awesome to spend some time with my big little brothers AND Ryan. It's been awhile since we were all able to get together at the same time.

I hadn't been to the Bluebird since John was in college. I saw him play there with People Tree a couple times. They bought the building next door and knocked a few walls out, so the place is a lot bigger than it used to be. I really liked it.

Shawn Kirby had booked a room for us because we all planned on having a few drinks. It was much nicer than the last room I stayed in in Ohio. We took cabs both ways so we could all drink a little. I love it when I don't have to play designated driver. Clint, Shawn Kirby, Monique, Ryan and I all stayed in the same room after the show. Needless to say, we had a blast!!!

I got several pictures from the show, and a few from the hotel afterwards. Here is one of the guys playing some crazy percussion instruments. I thought the big thing he's holding onto looked like an oxygen tank...maybe that's just my medical mind working......who knowsThe red things in this guys mouth were like really loud kazoos. He was standing on his stool in this picture. I thought for sure he would fall right off the stage :-)
I can't remember this girl's name....isn't that awful. She is a friend of Clint's, and was really fun.Here's part of the gang. The unknown people are in there...we'll just call them Clint's friends. The big guy in the back is Greggie Bennett, and the guy in the red shirt is Clint's brother, Gauvin. I think he's pretty hot :-)
This is Shawn Kirby's girlfriend, MoniqueAnd then, we have the two most handsome boys in the world.....Ryan is in deep thought...yeah right!!!

Shawn Kirby is such a handsome fella....I think he kinda resembles Stiffler from American Pie.....what do you guys think???
I think Shawn Kirby and Monique are such a cute couple.

Ryan was taking good care of everybody.....isn't he sweet!!!!!


s-hooks said...

Cool band!

We acutally have a Rhodes Piano(as mentioned in their description) for sale on craigslist right now.

Craig's had it for a long time, but he doesn't play it any more. I hate to see it go. The vintage Fender Rhodes pianos have their own sound that no one has been able to recreate since.

Ryan is so sweet for taking care of everybody! Glad you had fun!

KellyAnn said...

Aww I love your shirt, and I think I may have met Monique and Shawn, were they at your b-day party at the High Mark that one time?
HOOOOOOOOOKAH, it's just around the corner.

KellyAnn said...

Oh yeah, how was Florida?

alli-gal said...

I'm still working on the florida blog. I haven't had much extra time at work......we've been super busy.

It'll be here soon!!!!

I had a blast!!!