Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just wanted to share a few photos of my mom and me at Indiana Beach. We headed up there one day last week when I actually had a day off and wasn't leaving Indiana :-) She loves Indiana Beach. We have been going there every summer for the last few years. We always enjoy watching the ski show and surprisingly, she LOVES the haunted house...........She's so much fun when she's doing well. Sometimes it's kinda like having my own little girl to entertain and take care of.....maybe that's why I don't want any kids!!!! ya go:
This picture was taken on the bridge on the way into the park. It was a pretty cloudy day, so it was pretty tolerable temperature-wise.
I love this picture of my mom. It's really hard to catch her with a natural smile sometimes. But I caught her here!!! :-)

Another good picture of Mom........hanging out by the water before the ski show.I always hate these pictures I take with my hand stretched out in front of me. I always think it makes my neck look funny :-)

Last but not least, we had to get a picture of some of the rides.

I don't think Indiana Beach has changed hardly at all since I was a kid. Maybe a new ride or two, but they still have the same rides I remember getting on when I was little.

Hey, S-Hooks, do you remember going there with my dad and me when we were little? I vaguely remember being there with you and John. If you remember details...I could use a reminder!!!!


Bitzky77 said...

I remember going there. Uncle Robbie & I mooooed at the cows on the way there. Then (sounds so cheesy) it rained that day. I tried to say that it wasn't raining anymore so we could go on more rides, but UR told me to look at the puddles. You can look at the puddles & see the raindrops. It was still raining, so we waited for a bit.


s-hooks said...

I totally remember going there and riding some rides with you! I couldn't tell you what they were called, but one of them was in like a dark tunnel..I remember being a little freaked by that, but I wouldn't say. :)

BTW, wasn't it you who paid me a dollar to go on my first big water slide at the seashore?

s-hooks said...

Also, I remember walking through the parking lot & wondering what it would be like...I think that was my first time there. That's boring, but it's always the "visual" I get when I think of Indiana Beach.

alli-gal said...

That's awesome that you guys can remember so much about that trip. I just barely remember it. I definitely don't remeber the rain.

And s-hooks....I'm not sure if I paid you, but I do remember trying to talk you into going on the water slide the pee shore...he he he he :-)

Andrea said...

I love Indiana Beach. I've been wanting to go but it's so darn hot!!!!! Maybe before they close, Richie Rich and I will make our way up there.

Love the pics of your mommy!

KellyAnn said...

Those are good pics.