Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Kitty Tails Too!!

Even though we have flunked our foster job with Mickey, meaning we're keeping him :-), we have still managed to keep a good tempo going with the whole animal rescu stuff.

A lady I work with had a sweet little calico cat named Patches that she had to get rid of because of her daughter's allergies. I felt really bad for the family, because her daughters are both very attached to Patches, and they didn't realize until recently that the oldest was allergic to her. When they dropped her off at our house, the youngest little girl sat down with her and read her a story and left the book there for us to read to her at night. She said it helps her sleep. It was so sweet.

Patches was the best Kitty ever. She was already fixed and declawed in all four paws, so she was really easy to find a home for. She would let the girls wrap her in a blanket and carry her like a baby. I have never known a cat that would do that....not for long anyway.

I felt really bad for her at our house. I think she was pretty overwhelmed by all the dogs. She had never been around dogs before. So, the first two nights, she hid under our bed. I don't think she ever came out to eat or go potty or anything. The third night, Ryan and I put all the dogs in their kennels and moved the bed out to get her. She drank a little water, jumped into her litter box, and as soon as she was done there, she hid under our dresser. We couldn't get her to come out after that. So, I struggled to get a couple pictures of her hiding behind the dresser so you could all see how cute she was.

So, after only a few days, Patches was given to an older lady with a five year old grand-daughter who visits often. It sounds like the perfect arrangement for Patches. I hope everything works out well for her.

She looks kinda mad here, but she was really cute as a button.....promise!!!!


s-hooks said...

She is so cute & sounds like she's so nice too! I love her eyes!

Did you send the book with her? :)

Olive_12 said...

In that last pic, she looks like she's sayin:

"Get that dang thing away from me. I'll count to 3 for"

Jen said...

Oh Patches!!

alli-gal said...

Yes...we did send the book with her.

I got an update today, and it sounds like she is doing just fine in her new home.