Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Surprise for Dan

Ryan's Dad, Dan, turned 60 on February 13th. On the 9th, we had a sursprise party for him at Hacienda. He works for the city, so we managed to get a pretty big crew from work together, and all the family within driving distance came to surprise him. I even talked my mom into going. I was really glad Ryan's mom, Janet, didn't blow the surprise. Ryan's sister and I were sure she would :-) This is Dan walking in to the party room. Janet looks more surprised than anyone else...he he he. Dan thought he was just meeting me and Ryan for dinner. So, everyone got there a little early and got some drinks and sat and waited while Ryan went to the front door to wait.
Just as expected, Dan showed up early....he always does...but we made sure eveyone was there extra early because we know that's how Dan rolls!! I would tell you who all these people are, but I'm not sure who is who. This was actually the first time I had the chance to meet some of Ryan's extended family. There were several family members from Michigan who came down for the weekend. It was great to meet everyone.
I tried to get Mom to have a drink with me, but she decided against it. I kept the strawberry daiquiries coming for awhile though :-) She had a good time, and she actually socialized a little with the everyone sitting around us. I was so happy she was there with us.
Just had to throw this picture in because of those beautiful chocolate locks.....meow!!!!! Oh yeah...that's Dan next to Ryan, and some michigan family members to his right.

This is the family. L-R Ryan, Dan, Janet, me, and Ryan's sister, Stacy.
We all had a great time. And like I said, I got to meet some of the family I had never met before, so that was really nice. It seems kind of strange to me that his family lives in Michigan and they don't see eachother any more often than they do. It really makes me appreciate how close our family is.


s-hooks said...

"meow!!!!!" <--lol

Good job on the surprise party!! I see where Ryan gets his good looks, but what about the hair--who'd he get that from?!

Olive_12 said...

Looks like you people had a good time! Hope no one got drunk. =D

Jen said...

Ryan's mom is a cutie! She looks so young to have kids in their 20's and 30's.

alli-gal said...

Ryan's Mom IS really cute.

I think Ryan got the thickness of his hair from his Dad and the cursl from his Mom

Olive...don't want to disappoint...but there were a few of us drunk by the end of the night :-)

s-hooks said...

Dang, Ryan's sister looks very familiar...what year did she graduate?

alli-gal said...

I think she graduated in 94. She's only a week older than me.

They DID go to Northwestern....I never even thought about the fact that you guys might have gone to school together.

Their last name is Chaplin.......

s-hooks said...

SHUTUP!!!! Stacy Chaplin?!!!! OF course! Why didn't I know that?! Duh! And she used to have tiny little chocolate locks just like Ryan in high school!

I love Stacy! She was so nice in high school! Tell her hi for me!

Andrea said...

It's a small world's a small world afterall! Isn't it crazy that you'd know Ryan's sister and not know you know her? DANG!

The party looks fun!! Glad you got to surprise him and see the fam.

Olive_12 said...

Well then....I hope no one threw up. ^_^

s-hooks said...

I know! I still can't get over that!

alli-gal said...

I'm glad to hear you say she was nice s-hooks.

Ryan said she was kinda of bitchy in school...but that's a little brother's perspective too!!!

I love her. We get a long great!!