Monday, March 03, 2008

Ekoostik Hookah Rocks my World.....Again!!!!

Woooooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!! The concert season has officially begun!!!

Got to go see the boys again in Columbus, Ohio February 23rd at The Newport. It's an old venue in downtown Columbus, but it's one of the guys' favorite venues to play according to Steve Sweney, anyway. He says he has to concentrate harder because of the acoustics in the place. Apparently the man loves a challenge. Like his job isn't hard enough the way it is!!

So, Ryan, my friend from work, Caitlin, and I all took off Saturday at about late past two, and headed to Ohio. We stopped at Matt and TeShannah's on the way through Indy to try to talk them into a last minute trip with luck. But it's their loss!!

We rented a room a mile and a half from the venue, so the cab fare was cheap, and I didn't have to play designated driver for a it!!!!

Also, my good friend Kelly Jo from Michigan was there, and it was her birthday, so I was happy happy happy to see her!!!! I haven't seen her since we saw Hookah in Cincinnatti back in November.

After only being inside the venue for maybe fifteen minutes, our friend from Bloomington, Andrew wanders up......CRAZY....we had no idea he was gonna be there!! ( You might remember him from the glow sticks in the BIG whitey tighties from Hookahville photos) So, we ended up having him stay with us after the show. Thank goodness, 'cause by the time we tried to hail a cab after the show, all the cabs were pretty much long gone. Andrew had luckily parked nearby at a parking garage, so we all hoofed it a few blocks to Andrew's car and he got us safely back to our hotel.

So, anyway before the show,our cab got to the hotel so fast after we called them that I didn't have the chance to get myself together.......therefore....I forgot the batteries for my camera. The only pictures I have are after the show when we got back to the hotel where the batteries were waiting for me :-) I was disappointed because you all know how much I love to get right up front to snap pictures of my boys!!!!
There was an opening band called Greenlief that I thought rocked!! I even bought a little demo CD they had for a couple bucks. I thought it was cool because it actually looks like little record. That band was full of energy and had a lot of talent to offer. There's a woman named Jenean Grantham who sings for them that I am familiar with through Hookah. She has sung backup for them at a couple Hookahvilles in the past. That little woman can sing her heart out. I always love seeing Jenean. I'm hoping Greenleif will be addded to the lineup for Hookahville this year. I wanna support this band big time....I think they have a lot of life and fun ahead of them with this band.

My baby let his hair down for this show...literally!!!Caitlin is quickly becoming an addict to the Hookah boys too :-) It's all my fault...he he he heRemember....these are all "after" pictures....we were all a little tipsy!!!!Kelly Jo made this awesome skirt for me with a couple Dead Bears on it out of material I sent back to Michigan with her back in November. She was wearing a pair of pants she made with a bear made from the same brown, flowered material. So we have matching bears's special. I felt kinda bad because it was Kelly Jo's birthday, and she came bearing gifts for me. It should have been the other way around....oops......Bad friend, Bad friend!!!!

Caitlin and I were happy campers once we got back to the room and were able to eat our Taco Bell!!! First of all, I was so broke, so this was all Ryan's treat, except for that last five bucks I spent on Taco Bell......OMG it was so good. I never realized how close to gourmet Taco Bell can taste until I had way too many glasses of wine, and no food in my belly for several hours. The drive through was rediculously slow, and all I wanted to do was spend my five dollars!!! (reminder: tipsy) Yeah....I just kept yelling "I got five dollas!!!! I got five dollas!!! Gimme my food!! I got five dollas!!!!" It was hysterically funny at the time.

Andrew and Ryan had eachother cracking up all night long!!! I think we might have gotten back from the show around 4:00 AM and ended up in bed by about 5:30. Check out time was 11:00 which came way too fast. Surprisingly, I felt fantastic when I woke up!!! I know it was all the Taco Bell that saved me!!!

This was it for the night. After visiting with Kelly Jo's husband (Kelly Jo was back in their room sleeping) and their friend Livia for a couple hours, we decided 5:30 meant bedtime. This is how we all looked at about that time.

Another great Hookah show down......lots, lots more to go!!! I can't wait to tell you all about them!!!! In fact, I've got one more story on the burner as we speak....hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to catch you up with this past weekends' adventures!!!!!

Until then!!!!!

Happy Hookah!!!!!!!!!


KellyAnn said...

I've been waiting on you to tell me about your hookah ventures!!! I'm sooooo jealous, I cannot wait until LBC this month. That's so cool you all ran into Andrew. Well I'm watching for this past weekend. Love and miss you

Andrea said...

Looks like you had fun and you got a bear skirt!!!!