Monday, March 24, 2008

Quick Trip Down South

After holding tightly to my Queen of Procrastination title, I used it to it's fullest it with the concert Ryan and I had planned on going to this past weekend. We were planning on seeing 311 in Fort Wayne, but by the time I got around to ordering tickets, they were sold out.......bummer.

I was bound and determined to do something this weekend, dang it!!! Ekoostik Hookah was playing in Colorado, so that wasn't happening. Although, I did look up some last minute flights to Denver...just incase:-)

We decided at the last minute to head down to Southern Indiana and go to a little town east of Madison called Vevay (pronounced vee vee.) There's a casino called Belterra only seven miles away, so we spent some time down there. But, most of the time, we just hung out in our awesome riverview suite that I found. We stayed in a German Hotel called The Ogle Haus Inn. It was sweet!!!

We also found a small winery on the river called the Ridge Winery. That was only a couple miles from the hotel as well. We stopped there and did some sampling and found a couple different wines that we liked. Then, after the guy that gave us our samples finished the list, and had us a little saucy, he pulled out a big mason jar...filled to the top with crystal clear moonshine.

OMG!!! Have any of you ever had moonshine? I have had something that someone called moonshine before, but it sure didn't taste like this stuff. This stuff was the real doubt about it!!! My throat felt like there was a hole melting through the outside of my neck after a couple shots. That's all I took. I don't normally take shots anyway, so hammering down 15 samples of wine and two shots of moonshine jostled my head into party mode!!! It was a lot of fun. The guy at the winery was excited that we wanted to try some. He said we were "his first takers," so he was happy. He even took a shot with us.This is in the living room of the suite. I thought it was kinda funny that they didn't have a fireplace anymore. In fact, I need to write that in my review, because it was advertised that we would have a fireplace. Don't get me wrong, the flatscreen above the mantle kept our attention just fine.Here's another view of the living room. Even though we had a huge lush bed, we pulled the hide a bed out of the couch for awhile so we could lay down and watch the big screen. Plus, we found some change in the couch, so that was an extra bonus!!!!This was the view looking straight out from our balcony. Too bad it wasn't a little warmer to enjoy the pool.This is at the top of the stairs by our room. The curved part on the left is the back side of the bar.My sweet baby and I getting ready to go out to Mo's Steakhouse for dinner. It was delicious!!!OK, so Ryan's a little younger than me, but I didn't think I'd ever see him so happy about jumping on a bed. But, you know what, it was a lot of fun after I quit laughing at him and actually joined him. That was the biggest, softest bed I have EVER slept in.....or jumped on for that matter :-)

Our hotel offered a free shuttle to and from the Belterra Casino, so we took advantage of that and went down there for a few hours. The casino was beautiful. It just seemed really out of place because it is this enourmous building with a casino, resort, spa, a couple parking garages, neon lights....everything.......and, it's in the middle of nowhere.
Leaving the casino, we decided to stop in the lobby for a couple of pictures. We left with no more money than we started with, but we also left smiling. That's the most important thing!!!

Madison, IN is the closest town, and even it's not very big. I really like Madison. I discovered it about ten years ago when my mom was in the state hospital down there for a few months. It has so many old beautiful buildings, lots of antique shops, and a few really good places to get some home cookin'!!!
This is along a walkway in Madison right on the river.This boat actually has a small restaurant inside, but is temporarily closed due to the flooding. The water was nice and brown from all the floods too.I love this picture of Ryan. He looks so handsome :-) The weather was gorgeous that day. It was actually about fifteen degrees warmer down there than it was when we got home.

And, finally, we headed home. Since we were right on the Ohio River, I wanted to cross over into Kentucky just so we could say we left the state. So, we crossed over in Madison and did a little country driving in Kentucky. We decided it would be easiest to drive to Louisville and just come home from there.

It was a great little getaway, and not as fast paced as some of the other trips we take, so even though we were only gone for one night, it was very relaxing. I love spending time on the road, and I love spending time with my what more could I have asked for? :-)


Andrea said...

Wow, what a great little nugget of info! The hotel room looks like someone's home! DANG! A flat screen too? Ok, we can hang with that!

Rich and I have been wanting to get away. Maybe we'll just take a little trip down to the The Ogle Haus Inn.

Thanks for the travel info!

s-hooks said...

I've always wondered about real moonshine!

Andrea said...

You know my dad's dad was a moonshiner in TN - ran outta the State by the "revenuer's". He ended up in Miami, Indiana where he met my grandma and suddenly - she was with child. Hmmmmmm - you think it was the moonshine????

alli-gal said...

It was definitely the moonshine!! :0)

Bitzky77 said...

It's always the moonshine.

I wish I was riding in the car with you in that last photo!

boneman said...

¡¡¡ʎɐp s,ןooɟ ןıɹdɐ happy