Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another "Baby" Who Needs a Home

I've think I have possibly lost my mind. I now have five dogs in the house, but hopefully not for long. After deciding to keep Mickey, the big fat beagle we rescued, I vowed to Ryan that I would NOT foster another dog for more than 48 hours......and I have already failed. This little girl named Baby (puke) came to us through a friend's grandmother. Baby is only about 9 months old, so she is still really hyper. But the up side of her age is that she is still very trainable. With some patience and some time, I think she will be a great dog for someone. Unfortunately, Justin's grandma just couldn't handle her. Ryan and I are trying to find a home for her without officially putting her into the CAA. Sometimes it's just easier to give a dog away than it is to put them up for adoption. It bypasses all the fees and paperwork and whatnot. We have actually had good luck with the last four or five animals we have rescued just by doing it ourselves.
Baby gets along really well with all the other dogs. I think Franklin will miss her when she's gone. They have been playing and running around like crazy for the last week.
I actually have a girl at work who is interested in getting a wire haired terrier, but she is on vacation now. That's really the only thing I'm waiting on to see if I'll put her into the CAA. I'll know more when she gets back.
Until then, if anyone knows a good family or someone who would have the time for a sweet little puppy like Baby, please get ahold of us!!!!


enN2sp said...

Did my boss ever get a hold of you? She said her sister works a St Joe and she would talk to you about it but she never told me if anything happened.

I will show her these pic's tomorrow because she has meetings all day today and she'll be out of the building.

Jen said...

I love Baby! If I wasn't so against having a dog, she might be one to consider. I just think it would be hard to have a dog with our lifestyle.

Olive_12 said...

Aw! I wish Sophie would play with other dogs. We tried to get her and Chancy together and BAM! Fight! Chancy started it though 'cause she tried to mount Sophie. -_-

enN2sp said...

My Boss is very interested in this puppy.

If you want to call her I will email you her phone # & address.

s-hooks said...

She has that hyper-freakout look in her eyes like Mollie had when I first got her..woof!