Thursday, April 10, 2008

Woman from Russiaville to Donate her Kidney

I was browsing through the Kokomo Tribune online and came across an article that really touched me tonight.

John will be able to relate to this, I'm sure because of his friend who recently went through a similar situation.

A man named Don Frazier who attends church in Russiaville has been undergoing dialysis for his failing kidneys for a couple of years now. His wife recently received a phone call from a fellow church member inquiring about Don's condition. After a brief conversation, she realized that Don had found willing donors, but no one to match his blood type. With that little bit of information, this "Angel" offered to donate her kidney to Don if she was a match.

Ronda McCorkle is this "angel's" name. Ronda has had Don on her mind ever since she found out about his condition. She hasn't been able to think about much else. After undergoing the neccessary testing, Ronda has found out that she is a perfect match to donate her kidney to Don. Even though the McCorkles and the Fraziers don't know eachother well, Ronda feels that God has called her to help save Don. His surgery is scheduled for May 16th.

When God called, Ronda answered. I wish we could all be more like Ronda. May God bless her always.


Jen said...

That is a great story! She is a inspiration. Too bad we aren't more like her

Bitzky77 said...


Yeah, Feesh is doing very well since he received his new kidney! He's inherited Steele's erratic pee schedule too. Steele's fine too.

alli-gal said...

I'm glad to hear they are both doing well. I couldn't believe how well Feesh, as you called him, was doing when we saw him last time you were in town. I figured it would take a lot longer to recuperate from something that invasive.

It's awesome that you guys are such good friends. There aren't many people out there that would really do ANYTHING for their friends. It's easier said than done.

s-hooks said...

That is awesome! I hope everything goes well for both of them. Wow.

Why does that name, Ronda McCorkle, sound familiar?

boneman said...

May 16 is my birthday.

I officially offer all good birthday blessings to both of them!

s-hooks said...


Happy *early* Birthday, Boneman!

How long has it been since you smoked?

Me, going on 2 years, 10 months.

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s-hooks said...

Our family doesn't hug spambots!