Monday, April 07, 2008

Bonfires Have Begun!!!!

We had our first official bonfire of 2008 Sunday night!!! The season has now begun!!!! Our friends Julie and Nathan came out to celebrate the beautiful weather with us Sunday evening. After a days of walking all five dogs and working on the truck, Ryan and I were ready to have a littel fun.
So, we broke out the corn hole toss game and threw a little fire accelerator in the fire pit, and got the party started!!! We've had several friends dropping wood off from various home improvement projects for us to burn. Although, someone DID come along and steal the skids we had. That sucks....they make a great fire!!!

Uncle Roy is supposed to be bringing the wood from Liz and Jen's old playhouse sometime soon too. might need to be a part of you think Liz would want to join us to burn the payhouse? You never know................
So anyway, Ryan and Nathan took turns keeping the fire roaring.
I love sitting by the fire at night. I am so happy that it has started to get warmer outside so we can do more stuff like this. Pretty soon it'll be time for our first camping trip of the year too....I can't wait!!!!!


s-hooks said...

Yes! Bring on the good weather!

Jen said...

I don't know if my dad is still planning on taking the playhouse down this year or not. Seems like he would have done it already if so. I would definitely like to be there for the buring though. I have some found memories of the playhouse. I seriously doubt Liz would be involved. She is so withdrawn from everything/eveyone.

Bitzky77 said...

I'm gonna get to one this season.

Hey, want me to pick 3-4 of you up at the Charlotte airport & go camping in North Carolina? I could drive my jeep there.


enN2sp said...

I think B is ready to bring you that sofa bed from the playroom. We have been bugging him about that for over a year now.

So I'm hopping this summer It will be on your bon fire.

Cross your fingers!

alli-gal said...

Tell B to drop that couch off whenever he wants to. I'll be sure to take pictures for you.....or better yet, maybe you guys can come out and watch it burn with us!!!!