Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ekoostik Hookah in Cincinnati, Ohio

Another Hookah show has come and gone, but the memories will last forever!!! Or maybe I should say, the few memories I have will be helped by looking at these pictures and asking a lot of questions :-) Don't worry......we took a cab!!!!This is part of our "Indiana Crew," as the band calls us. This is only a few of the IN crew that were there that night. These are all the people that we were staying with. Some of the other Hoosiers stayed a couple hotels away, but we all hooked up at the show and had a blast together.

From left to right, we have: Ryan, Julie, TeShannah, Matt, Kelly Ann, her hubby, Dave, my Ryan, Andrew (lighting a cig) and Shane is the one leaning over the table. This was taken outside the venue where Hookah played. It's called Annie's and it's in Cincinnati. I have been there a few times, and I have loved it every time. And every time, we talk more and more people into going with us. That's probably why I keep having so much fun!!!

Most of us met in Indy at Dave and Kelly Ann's house before we left town. Then we caravanned to Cincinnati, which is a little under two hours from their house. Easy drive!! That's Andrew throwing us the peace sign from the other lane. Ryan and I rode with Dave and Kelly, which was really nice.

We got into Cincinnati in time to check into our room and grab a bite to eat before we headed to the show. We would've had even more time if the staff at the restaurant didn't SUCK so bad!! It really sucked for us that they sucked so bad, because they added gratuity to any tables with four or more people. I can guarantee you, that girl was lucky her tip was in my bill, because she sure wouldn't have gotten a 20% tip from me!!!! 20%!!! That's insane for crappy service. For goood service, I'll tip 25%....but bad service, no that's more like 5%. I think it's important for them to understand earning their tips.......and adding the tip for parties of four or more....that is ridiculous!!! But Whatever................the food was good.

After eating, we went back to the room to call a cab. When we went to the lobby to wait on our ride, Julie, Matt and TeShannah pulled in. They had to leave a little later than we did, but it worked out perfectly!! They caught a cab right after us and got to the show just a few minutes later.

This is Dave Katz on keys. Love that man!! I've actually been talking with him about helping promote their show in Indy this summer. They're going to be at The Vogue in June.....and you all need to be there!! I'll be reminding everyone as it gets closer, but now it is my JOB to get people to come. Dave and the guys are counting on me to spread the word. I just wish they had picked a different date. Jack Johnson is playing at Deer Creek (yes, I still call it that) on the same night as the Hookah show, so that kinda sucks, but I think we'll be able to pull in a pretty decent crowd anyway.

Now's your chance, all you people who can't get out of Indiana....they'll only be an hour away. It'll be worth it, I promise :-)

Sorry....back to Annie's...........

I like this venue, because you can get over on the side stage pretty easily to see things from a different agle than normal. Too bad my camera sucks. But you get the idea of where I was from the pictures at least. This, of course is (SFS) or Steve F-ing Sweney....Uh Oh...I know someone will read this and freak out....oh well. So, anyway, I love getting so close to Sweney at Annie's. it's loads of fun!!!!

This is TeShannah, Matt, me and Ryan.
Oh Cliffy!! I love it when he pulls the harmonica out. Lucky me, I was right up front to get a couple pics!!
My Man, Eric. Oh how I wish I could afford a new camera so I could actually see his face in the pictures I take of him :-) I managed to snag another drum stick from him when the show was over. I think he knows now not to give them away until he sees me. I'm happy with a half of one, as long as I get something. If he gives a whole one away before I get to him, I'll make him take it back and break it in two so I can have my part too!! True story....just ask Julie....I made him break hers at LBC.....he he he :-)There's me and my baby. I just love to squeeze on him. He's feelin' pretty good in that picture if you can't tell :-)
Ok, now we begin the story of the rock in the bathroom.

Kelly's husband, Dave, has talked about this rock in the guys bathroom for the last couple years. Ever since the first time we went there, he hasn't stopped talking about it. So, on the way there, Kelly and I decided we needed to see this rock. So, when the time seemed right, we headed that way.

Matt and TeShannah decided to join us. I had no idea how cool it was. Dave was right!!! So, As matt played body guard, Kelly ran in to check it out. Matt wouldn't let the guy out of the stahl while Kelly was there. It was hilarious.

But..........when the guy came out, he was a great sport. He even jumped in front of the camera with Kelly.
After that, kelly decided she wanted the pleasure of having that rock all to herself. So, matt guarded the door, directing men into the women's restroom who weren't willing to wait, and Kelly had her moment. It was precious..............
TA DA!!!! Here's Kelly....Proud as can be!!!! Then the rest of the men were happy because Matt let them in and they all got to pee on their rock again.

.........................WEIRD, HUH?.................................

Anyway, we all enjoyed the night dancing and fooling around. I enjoyed a little wine, and then switched back to coke. I didn't want to chance a hangover on the way home. I hate that.
Ryan and I had a blast with Kelly and Dave. We always have so much fun with them!!!!
The stage from a distance.
This was off to the side stage. I was trying to get my timing right with the lights, but it's hard with my camera. It has a long delay on the exposure button.
This is the sign we all watch for when we're headed down Kellogg Ave. in Cincinnati. When we see it, we know the fun is about to begin!!!

Overall, the trip was a blast. The show was wonderful. They played a lot of songs that all of us were hoping to hear, so we were all happy. This was the first time Ryan has been able to make it to this venue with me. I have been there to see Hookah a couple times without him, but It's always better when my baby's taggin' along!!!!


Bitzky77 said...

Looks like fun. YOU ALL READING HER BLOG SHOULD GO WITH HER TO THE NEXT HOOHAH SHOW! While you're at it, go see my Indiana band... Umphrey's McGee. Alli, It's about time you checked UM out.

Bitzky77 said...


s-hooks said...

Do they actually pee on the rock?

KellyAnn said...

YES They actually pee on the rock, pretty cool huh? I hate those pics of me Allison. I've got to lose some weight AGAIN. Oh well we had a blast. Love ya, see ya soon!

s-hooks said...

Bl....oh, I just barfed a little.

alli-gal said...

Oh, no actually wasn't very gross at all.

There was water running down the rock, so it was pretty clean really. Clean for how I think of a men's restroom anyway.

But my question is:....why do the guys get the fancy bathroom? We don't have rocks and waterfall in the girls room at Annie's.

alli-gal said...

Bitzky, Ryan and I have decided we need to see UM. I'd like to check out Widespread Panic. i still haven't seen wither one of thsoe bands.

I'm familiar with a little of their music, but never had the chance to see them live.

UM is in Urbana Illinois tonight singing the national anthem at some stadium.

Any travel plans this summer Bitz?

alli-gal said... look fine in those pictures. You can't expect ot look like a beauty queen. We were all drunk!!!!