Wednesday, March 12, 2008

40,000 People Possibly Infected in Las Vegas

I came across an article today that caught my attention. Apparently, this endoscopy clinic in Las Vegas was re-using syringes and vials for anesthesia on patients. They clearly stated that needles were NOT re-used, but these other things could still be extremely dangerous in the fact that they have contained bodily fluids that can carry hepatitis and HIV, meaning that the recipients of anything contained in these could have been infected.

I just don't understand how those things can happen in these times when there is such a huge focus on sterile procedures and the prevention of transmitting disease in medical facilities. It makes it really scary for people to put trust in the medical system when you hear about these kinds of things happening.

I'm very curious to find out who was responsible for causing this. Obviously someone knew this was happening. They are saying that it occurred between March of 2004 and January 11th, 2008. I hope that they have taken care of dismissing the person or people who knew about this. I also hope that these people will be put on trial for putting other people's lives at risk.

Here's a link to the article:;_ylt=Aksaj34jodQzTseWpF4pqOus0NUE

Let me know if anyone hears any updates on this story.


Olive_12 said...

No. You don't do that! JAIL! JAIL! JAIL!

s-hooks said...


Andrea said...

That's just nasty. We trust our healthcare professionals. We should start demanding new needles and make them open them up in front of us.

s-hooks said...

I'm gonna start taking my own medical inventory around with me...hold it right there buddy, use my needle!

Andrea said...

Hooks, good idea! Can you imagine having to carry one of those things around for our annual exam (and the little scraper thing too). Hahahahahahahahaaha!

boneman said...

I got an update for you....
People are stupidly thinking they know more than they really know, and the only time they get stopt is when someone else who thinks they know more than they really know has a bigger voice in it.


Y'all didn't go see the report, didja?
Allison left the address on the front page, and the thing is, these clowns think that since it isn't actually the needle, it was okay.
Personally, and you may laugh, but, I'm glad when they pull down a new sheet of paper on the exam table, y'know what I mean? I've seen some of the people that come out'a there.


Bitzky77 said...

That's totally not cool.