Sunday, July 18, 2010

I almost forgot I had a blog!!! Stupid Facebook addiction....

Anyway, been up to the same ol stuff, going to as many concerts and taking as many vacations as possible. It has been a great year. I just can't believe we're half way through it already.

Ryan has been working a lot, and I mean A LOT of over time this summer, so that has put a damper on some of our fun....or maybe I should say some of HIS fun. I've been to a few concerts and festivals without him, and it is never nearly as much fun when he's not along for the ride.

Although it was only a one day trip, I think my little mini vaca with my mom was one of the best trips I've taken this year. Mostly because it was so much fun for her. We went to Vevay, IN to stay at the Ogle Haus Inn for a night. It's a Best Western with a little German style to it and it's on the Ohio River. We got a room with a river view and just relaxed, swam, and pigged out for a day.
This was our first official picture from the trip...and our first official pee stop :-)

Mom wanted to cross the river so we could say we went to Kentucky, so I drove us over to Madison IN where I knew of a bridge we could cross. From there, we drove over to Louisville and then home from there. This was the first time my mom and I have taken a trip together in almost 30 years. I wonder now why it has taken me so long to take her anywhere. She was thrilled the entire time. It made me feel really good to get her out of town for a day. Not to mention, we had three hours of great conversation while we were on the road.... something that's not always easy with my mom.I'm ready to do it all over again!!!


s-hooks said...

Awesome that you guys had a great mom/daughter trip together! Such cute pics!

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