Monday, January 31, 2011

Startin' the year off right with Dark Star Orchestra

Finally coming out of hybernation......went to the first show of the year for us last weekend. Decided at the last minute Saturday that we were going to see Dark Star Orchestra!! That turned out to be a great decision!!

Ryan and I were both itching to get out and shake our booties!! We're long overdue!!
I love this guy!!

Ah yes...the coctails...we're just getting started here!!
Trying really hard to keep those eyes open!!

Sad, but this is about the best photo of the band that I got the whole night. I never really wandered up to the front. Only for a few minutes on the last song. We were all having way too much fun in the back to even consider leaving and missing something fun!!
Miss Lori Culbertson needed a ride to Indy to meet up with her husband Bryan who was already down there, so she road with us. We had a great time hanging out with the Culbertson's....even made it to Steak and Shake after the show!!

Bryan and Screech must have been discussing some serious matters.....

I think we may have gone into this one in hopes of getting a nice little family pic, but I blew it!!!

BFF's hiding in the corner

Do you think I'm having fun? Just wanted to make sure incase you couldn't tell by this photo!!

I love this picture!! It just kind of sums up how the whole night was....we had a blast!!
Always happy to catch up with old friends, hang out with new friends and introduce them all as we go....the family gets bigger all the time!!


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