Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I've been wonering something for a long time.....

Why don't we just throw the letter "c" out of the alphabet? It either sounds like a "k" or an "s," so what's the point of having it around? It needs to get its own sound or just get out of our way.


Andrea said...

You are so right!!!

I've been wanting to eliminate silent letters for a long time.I mean really, what's the point of a silent letter anyway?

So what the heck, I'll throw C on the list of things I don't think we need.

As far as I'm concerned, get rid of Z too.

Your cousin,

s-hooks said...

Whoah, hold up there andrea! We need the Z! Otherwise my middle name is Eliabeth!

Now, the Q is a different story!

Rosie said...

In my opinion we don't need X either. We just got a family into school with the last name of “Xolo” pronounced “Ch olo”

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