Tuesday, August 16, 2005

quick update

This entry is regarding an issue that needed to be resolved a long time ago at the hospital where I work. If you refer back to my entry entitled "I'll Kill Her with Kindness," you may recall a very vocal co-worker of mine. Let's just call her the trouble-maker.

Well, the trouble-maker, is no longer employed with us!!!!! Everyone in the department can finally rest easy now, knowing that we don't have to deal with her ever again. I don't wish any harm on anyone, ever, but I do believe in karma and the fact that things you say and do in your lifetime will come back to haunt you. She was let go from her position due to attendance problems, mainly. However, there were several other factors taken into consideration. She has had multiple complaints from co-workers, patients, and the doctors we work for, regarding her poor attitude, her inability to get along with others, and her unwillingness to help out in extra areas when asked.

All I can say is, it's a blessing to our department, which is full of outstanding people who ALL go above and beyond their call of duty. It is absolutely amazing to me how one person is capable of dragging an entire department down. The moral here has been so low for so long, and now I feel like that will be turning around very soon. It's very sad that it took someone losing their job to make everything better here. However, that is a very unanimous feeling.

So, I wish her the best in her future ventures. I truely hope she will learn something from this.


Rosie said...

What goes around comes around and I think she really got hers. You all need to put on this song somewhere in your department a song by "Kool and the Gang" the song is "CELEBRATION" in her honor.

s-hooks said...

Yeah, and hopefully she won't end up at the other hospital either :)

Ding-dong the witch is dead!

Anonymous said...

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