Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have come to despise the radio more and more here lately. It helps remind me why I have spent so much of my hard earned money on my music collection.

Not only does the music generally suck, but the radio stations tend to flood themselves with completely annoying commercials such as the "MORE OVALTINE PLEASE" crap!!!

I will give 98.5 credit for airing the "Friday Night Floyd Fix" every Friday. They play a lot of b-sides and live shows. Once in ahwile, they'll pull out some pretty cool collaborations with Floyd and someone real off the wall. That is the only time I make the effort to listen anymore..............

I hate OVALTINE!!!!


Ben said...

Thanks for stopping my blog! Got a nice one going here.

As far as radio goes, hardly even listen to it anymore. Washington, DC radio has got to be the worst. All corporate owned, pre-programmed garbage. Hasn't been any good in years. Who needs it anyway. My CDs are all I need!

s-hooks said...

Remember when we used to tape songs off the radio?!