Friday, November 04, 2005

useless knowledge from an astrologer

go to

some pretty cool info on this site about the year you were born. YOu can see what the moon looked like the day of your birth....believe it or not, it wasn't a full moon on my birthday!!!


Andrea said...

Hey this is a pretty cool site. Gives tons of info.

My birthday says I was born under a waning cresent moon.

It also says my Life Path is 3 and reading about a 3 really describes me, for the most part, to a T.

Cool site, thanks for linking over to it!

Rosie said...

That is way cool. But there are things in it I disagree with like it said for my Life path "the potential for greatness as a leader" I just don’t see it.

For my my birthday says I was born with the moon was waxing gibbous.

I'm going to enter everybody B, and the girls and the dog.

Rosie said...

I also went to What does your name mean that's cool 2.

s-hooks said...

I was born under a new moon. Ari and I were both born on a leap year. The Life Paths don't really match up with us. It said Craig was an 8-materialistic. Yeah, right. It's a cool site, though!