Monday, April 24, 2006

Am I really THAT OLD??????

Well, as most of you know, I turned 30 last year. I have alwyas been very fortunate as far as not looking my age, and until 30 hit, I never really felt my age either. It seems crazy, but I now believe people when they tell me it's downhill after 30.

I have had so many problems with my health over the last few months. I thought it was all in my head at first, but today, my OBGYN confirmed I'm not totally least in this case :-)

I started having night sweats a few months ago. At first, I thought it was something like too many blankets, pajamas that were too thick etc. After I changed the bedding and what I wear to bed, the night sweats kept happening. It's horrible!!! I will wake up five or six times every night drenched in sweat. If I'm wearing anything :-0, I have to change my clothes several times each night. I also push Ryan over in bed so I can get to a dry spot. I have actually been so hot a couple times that Ryan has woken me up because HE can't sleep. For awhile, my therapist and I thought it was perhaps stress related. I have had trouble sleeping for reasons other than the night sweats, so he put me on a sleeping pill called Lunesta. When I first started the Lunesta, I would sleep well all night, but I knew that I had been sweating because I'd wake up to my alarm with wet, curly hair stuck to the back of my neck. Now that I've been taking them for awhile, I will wake up a few times each night again. It has become a real pain in the a**!!!

Anyway, I had the joy of seeing my OBGYN today for my yearly exam and mentioned this to him. He ran some blood work, and called back only a couple hours later to tell me he's putting me on a new birth control with a higher level of estrogen. He said my hormones are unbalanced, which can be a sign of early menopause. He called my night sweats "hot flashes." I never thought I would be having hot flashes at the age of 30!!!

I may be the first of the cousins to go through this crap!!! Dr. Hott doesn't expect me to see full blown menopause for several years, but he said I will probably be through it by the age of 40. As long as we can keep my hormones levelled out, he doesn't think I will have anything to worry about for a few years. But, WOW, I sure didn't expect THAT news!!! I kept telling people, kind of jokingly, that I was starting menopause, never thinking that was even close to the truth.

So, Sarah, keep havin' those babies for us, because if I don't start soon, I'll probably never have any....and I don't plan on trying any time soon either!!! Some people might be heart-broken by the news if they wanted children, but I've been so indecisive about it that I feel like this is just meant to be. I haven't had children yet for a reason. I'm not ready, and I don't know if I ever will be. If menopuase sneaks up on me, I believe it has happened this way for a reason.


s-hooks said...

Oh girl! Night sweats are the worst! I am so sorry you've been going through that. I know from experience, that makes for a lot of laundry, and it's just yucky!! Well, once you get all balanced out you'll feel alot better.

You know what, if what Dr. Hott is wanting to try with you doesn't work you should check into an appt with Carl at Herbst. I know a few people, both men and women who he has helped with hormone issues. They love him. I don't know if you've heard of people going there for that, but if you want more info I can get it to ya.

I sure hope you're able to have kids if/when you decide you want to. You know how I feel about being a mom, but it's not for everyone, I'm sure. I just don't want you to have any regrets when you're older.

boneman said...

OK, I was a lil nervous readin' bout the girl stuff, but, y'know. I just happen to know what's going on.
It's as plain as the puppy in your hands, girl.

Yer a hottie!

(can I say that?)
(well, I guess I just did, so, yeah....)

allison said...

AAWWWWWWWW...thanks Bo!!!

Yes, you can say that any time!!! :-)

Andrea said...

Allison, my mom went through menopause around 35. She had a period that lasted a month and never had another one. Thankfully she hasn't had many or maybe even any hot flashes. I had hoped to carry on that tradition..but here I am at 41 and.....well. Of course that woudln't happen.

I hate night sweats. I don't think I have them as bad as you but I will wake up in the mornings sometimes with my nightshirt drenched around the neck. It sucks! I can't imagine dealing w/it several times a night!!!

I guess you can look at it this are losing weight while you sleep (not that you need to of course). I could never get so lucky and lose 10 lbs of water every night!

enN2sp said...

I fell that way all the time.

I mostly SWEAT at work and I'm not doing anything.
I know I'll be goig threw the change soon.
My mom went threw it at age 42 that is 2 years away for me. Her 2 sisters had everyting removed by age 35 so I can't tell by them.

I wouldn't wish it on any woman.

I heard REAL GOOD thing about
Dr. Hott alot of my friend from work go to him.

He found something in one of my friend and had it removed. They have been trying to have kid for a while and now she due in September.

Hopefully the new bith control will help.


Anonymous said...

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