Monday, April 10, 2006

my space site

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a myspace site now. Feel free to stop in an leave me a message or comment. I'll have some blogs posted there too. There's a link directly to my site to your right. Come say HI!!!!!!


boneman said...

Now, how many blogs can ya go to where there are always happy dogs to greet ya?
I'll be checkin out yer "my space" as soon as I finish some logistical shtuff. I hear about it on the news all the time and have been curious, but I dunno,too lazy to go over and flounder I guess.

s-hooks said...

OK, but don't ditch your blogger friends-ok?!!

boneman said...

....and the word is, if'n we want to write a note to ya, we gotta join the my space group.
Tain't bad. Has a couple of good things about it.
Not sure I like the idea of "them" picking the advertisements. Guess as long as they're in good taste, it's OK.

Anonymous said...

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