Saturday, April 08, 2006

What are true friends for???

Most of you who know me also know Jerry, my weenie on wheels!!!

Luckily, Jerry has had an amazing recovery with his wheelchair. When he was first injured, he had no control over his bowels or his bladder. I had to express his bladder for him at least three times a day to help him urinate, and well, when he had to poop, it just fell out when it was ready. I know this is gross....but that is where the "true friend" part of the story comes in.

He now has total control over his bladder. His bowel control has gotten better, but when he feels it coming, you don't have much time to get him out the door. Every once in awhile, when I don't move quick enough, we'll end up with a little mess on our hands.

So, I'm in the kitchen today, fixing a sandwich before I have to go to work, and as I come into the living room, I see my neighbor, Cindy, bent over a pile of MY dog's poop picking it up for me. I said "What are you doing?!?!? You don't have to get that...he's my dog, and it's my mess." Her response was, "Well, what are friends for?" Bless her heart, we both had bad timing as far as watching him and not getting him outside quick enough, but she knew I was getting ready to eat and didn't want me to have to deal with it.

How many friends do you have or know that would pick up poop for you? I feel pretty special today :-)


This has nothing to do with my dog or my friend, but I found it amazing. Take the time to watch this video if you can......I thought Jerry was a "Wonder Dog" but that was before I found out about "Faith."


boneman said...

Ali, amazing coincidence today.
I brought the wheel chair bound minister to church today and was showing him the "blogsphere" and ran into this.
The two of us really liked the Faith dog and (being as he's in a chair himself) we also were impressed with yer wheelie weener, too.

Andrea said...

Look how cute and happy Jerry is. I love that little weenie dog!

enN2sp said...

Jerry looks oh soooooo happy!!!