Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Eve at Mom's

Ryan and I went to Mom's to celebrate and have our gift exchange on Christmas Eve this year. It was great to spend time with Mom for the holiday. Mom had several snacks, and Ryan and I took a bottle of wine and a few of Ryan's home brewed beers. She had fun opening all her presents. It's cute....she's like watching a child on Christmas morning. She tears through everything so fast that she doesn't even have time to look at what she got before she's tearing into the next gift......I love watching her.
Will and Mom have two cats, Fuzzy and Moonshadow, so Ryan and I hooked them up with a big "cat basket" for Christmas this year. We put a couple bags of litter, some food, and lots of toys in a big box for them to open together. I know it saves them a little money each month if I can help with little things like cat food. Plus it gave them a giant gift to open:-)
Will is so sweet to Mom. He always says he's the luckiest man alive to be with my doesn't get much sweeter than that.
Mom got a little playful after her glass of wine. I even got her to sit on my lap :-) Will got drunk off of Ryan's beer, but at least he didn't get drunk enough to sit on my lap...he he he.
And last but not least......................Santa's little helpers.....................


s-hooks said...


The wine you brought over here got me a bit merry too..thanks!

Fuzzy & Moonshadow-cute names..

Looks like a good time!

enN2sp said...

Looks like you and Ryan had a good time at your mom and Will's.

She looks very happy with Will.

alli-gal said...

She is very happy with Will...and that makes me happy :-)!!!

Thanks, Rosie, for sending Mom a Christmas card. She loves it when the family thinks of her.

She asks about Brent and your girls all the time.....we might even stop over sometime....would that be OK?

enN2sp said...

Just let me clean my house. . . It feel like it's NEVER clean.

I think I might hire my 15 year old nephew to clean my house, He actually like to if I gave him the right insentive.


He would probably buy weed with it.

alli-gal said...


Olive_12 said...

My other cousin (who's my mom's nephew's older brother) Said that the commercial with the dog talkin to that one chick about "You're not the same when you smoke, and...I miss my friend...I'll be outside." Will be his brother and his dog, Cow.

Ain't that funny?!

Plus, when that commercial comes on, my cousin calls Cow over so he can move his lips when the dog on tv talks.

Andrea said...

You cousin's dog's name is cow??


Olive_12 said...


He looks like a cow.

He has another name too.

Beege(?) I don't know how to spell it.