Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Times at Grammy's

I don't know about the rest of you, but I had a blast at Grammy's for her party last Saturday. I think she did too. it was great to see her having so much fun with the family all there with her.Grammy is such a good sport!! Check her out in this party hat!!!!Look at that beautiful face.....I hope we are all lucky enough to get those non-aging genes from Grammy. Can you believe she's 90 years old and still looks this good?!?!?!?Sissy joined the fun with some of Rich's little party favors. Rich always makes our family get togethers so much fun!!
Isn't his picture absolutely precious? I think it's one of very few that I got of Ari without his little tongue haning out :-)
OH!!!!! There's that tongue again!!!

Jen and Ari.....and Ian crying in the background....poor little guy..........

Grammy was grinning from ear to ear all day long. I do think we probably all drove her crazy playing paparazzi all day. I got some great pictures of her though!!!Look at that giant pile of money in front of Grammy.....she kept saying she was wealthy. In my opinion, we are all wealthy because we have eachother!!!
I was so glad to see Rosie, Livi, and Amanda. We don't get to see eachother often enough!! Maybe we just need to plan more family parties so we can all see eachother as much as we want to..............
AWWWW.....what a great picture of Rosie and Grammy both. Grammy was still smiling, and this had to be at least photo number 1133445789 for the day :-)

I love this camera of Ari's. It looked a little too complicated for me, but if Ari can figure it out, then I guess maybe I should have tried harder. Apparently Livi got it figured out.
Beautiful blue eyes......slimy but cute little tongue :-)

I was so happy that Ari let me take a picture with him. I think he's starting to get more comfortable around me. I gotta get over to Grammy's more often on Fridays so he won't be so shy around me.
That cake was delicious!!! Check out that smily face in Grammy's hand......we all had fun with that crazy little thing.........Thanks Rich!!!!!
Sweet baby Ari all squeezed into Grammy's chair with Aunt Jill. Isn't that so cute?!?!?

TA DA!!!!!
I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Love you all!!!!!


Andrea said...

Someone tell me our grandma looks 90 years old. NO WAY! She's gorgeous and she seemed to have so much fun on her birthday.

We should all get together and make her laugh more often.

Jen said...

Yep, that was a really fun time together. Grammy seemed to have a blast and enjoyed everyone company.

s-hooks said...

It was fun! Grammy had a great time! We should have a party like that once a month! She would love it!

I should have gotten up earlier and washed my hair that morning-dang...oh yeah, I was up late scanning those pics & tried to sleep in. Oh well, I guess it was worth it.

KellyAnn said...

your grammy is beautiful, I can not believe she's 90. I would have never guessed it

enN2sp said...

That is a good Idea Alli, we just need to plan more family parties so we can all see eachother as much as we can.

Cinda siad she had a great time, I could tell Grammy giggled alot that day I bet her side was hurting form laughing so much.

Olive_12 said...

It was so fun! Ari's camera was coolness! I love those little pics of hats, horns, wings, and eyes you could put on people!

All around I had fun! It might not have seemed like it, but I did! We should do it more often.

s-hooks said...

Yeah, and I think it's time for another full on magic show from Rich. I love that stuff!!

Olive_12 said...


(I've seen that stuff before, man.)