Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Fun at Aunt Jill's

Well, I don't know about the rest of ya, but I thought Christmas at Aunt Jill's was wonderful this year!!!!! It's always so great for the whole family to get together. I wish there was a major holiday once a month just so we could all see eachother more often.
I thought this was a really good picture of Uncle Dale and the guys...........

Rosie, it kinda looks like you're praying....this is the only picture I got of you....were you hiding from me??????
Little Mr. Ari joined the fun sticking some bows on his cute little cheeks!!!!! Andrea and Aunt Jan look like they're both in a trance.......I'm blaming that blanket!!!!
Oh YEAH!!!! Jen....THE GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!
Liz was pretty rockin' too!!!!!

Just a small portion of the gang......Ari's definitely checking something out in the other room.....

??????????????????? Where's Sarah?????????????????????
Baby Ian was Grammy's helper when she was opening her presents.
HOLY COW............that tree was HUGE!!!!!Oh!!! There's Rosie again!!! I guess you weren't hiding from me after all!!
I still can't get over how freaking HUGE that Christmas tree is!!!! We grow 'em big in West Middleton ya know........................
Ian Baby showin' off some hot dance moves...........little cutie pie!!!!!AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Rich just flung some flying squirrel or something across the room.....what was that thing me out here!?!?!?!?Our beautiful Grammy........

I think Baby Ian was getting pretty tuckered out by the time we did re-gifts...........Check out that green ring Sarah's wearin'................THAT'S HOT!!!!!!!Rich looks a little evil if you look into his careful......that's what happened to Ryan here.

I knew this one was a keeper as soon as I saw it. ROCK!!!!!!!!

Looks like Uncle Dale's having fun with his re-gifts....and Sissy must have something pretty good too. She looks like she's concentrating really hard. Livie looks like she might want to say she reading directions for a re-gift????? I'm pretty sure Cliff walked out as fast as he walked in!!!!!

And, hey, clean up from re-giftswas no sweat. Rich and I hopped on it as soon as we could and got things picked up. Everyone was a huge help in cleaning up after themselves this year. I'm not sure how much trash we ended up having.....sorry if I should have taken some of that with me....didn't even think of it at the time. I have to say, I got some pretty good re-gifts this ON WITH THE TRADITION!!!!!!

Thanks to the whole family for making Christmas so special, and a HUGE thank you to Aunt Jilll and Uncle Roy for letting us all trash their house....we had a blst doing it!!!!!
And "B".........we missed you....I think you could've kicked some butt back there in the guitar hero room!!!! Maybe next year!!!!!

I love you all!!!!!!!!!
Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!


s-hooks said...

Good! I'm glad you got some good pics-my A.Jill's house pics were limited this year.

I love that picture of Grammy! And that one of Liz is hot-she looks like Sheryl Crow!!

The flyin' monkey was from Craig to Rich. Some kind of slingshot thing. It's an "as seen on tv" thing!!!

I looooove getting together with all you guys-I just hate not having much time there...I think we were there about 3 hours this year-not enough.

Love ya!!!!

enN2sp said...

WE all had a great time!
I thnk I was looking down at all the gifts the boys got, I was sitting by Sarah.

Hey NO MORE SIDE SHOT'S of me I am TO FAT for that.

Andrea said...

I think Jan and I are in Gobstopper heaven. Sure it looks like a trance however that's just the face you have when you place a gobstopper on your tongue and it begins to melt.

Oh the sweet-sourness of the beloved gobstopper!!!!!

s-hooks said...

Is a gobstopper like a jawbreaker? I don't know if I've had one or not.

Andrea said...

GAAAAAAAAAAASP? Never had an everlasting gobstopper?

It's a little jawbreaker with a sweettart on the inside. YUMMO!

Jen said...


I had a great time at Christmas as well. It's always so fun to get together with everyone. I agree, we should try to get together more often. The Guitar Hero was a huge bonus this year! Good suggestion, Chad.

Hey, are you all going to Grammy's Friday night for her birthday celebration? I know the sisters are bringing over cake for Grammy and presents. Then Saturday we are just going to lunch at OG and not back to anyones house afterwards for gifts and cake.

s-hooks said...

We're planning to be there. It'll be fun!!!

Can you imagine having your 90th birthday!?! 90!

Olive_12 said...

Oh yeah! That microphone was awesome!

I hit Manda with it a couple of times.

alli-gal said...

I knew that big microphone would come in handy for something!!!

Andrea said...

We used that big microphone one night for game night with Kellie and Brian. I think we had to get up and sing something - I don't know what it was but we all had fun hitting each other with it....that's for sure.

I'll miss Mr. Microphone!!

Olive_12 said...

Its my microphone now!
Time to do evil stuff! Such as hitting Manda as many times as possible!

alli-gal said...

Livi....get her in her sleep....when she least expects it.....mwaahahahahahahah!!!!!!

Olive_12 said...


I'll set a net up by my bed.