Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Birthday Queen

After partying like a rock star for two nights, I had to jump back to reality for a couple of hours and play the role of the "nail chick" at our niece's birthday party Saturday afternoon. Saige Marie is the Queen sitting at the far end of the table with her hand in the cheesy puffs. Isn't she beautiful?!?!? Ryan's sister, Stacy, threw a girly party for Saige for her sixth birthday, and I got suckered into doing nails for the day.....even toe nails. You know I was thrilled to have some dirty little toes all over me. They all got their nails and toes done, got make up, and got their hair done. They also got the take a little present from each station. They got a little bottle of nail polish, some lip gloss, a tierra and a head band, and some hair glitter with make up case that Stacy painted all their names on.
We all had cheesy puffs, cupcakes, and Capri Suns after everyone got all dressed up. Saige was hiding from Ryan and the camera all day, but we finally caught her when she sat still long enough to blow her candles out. She wanted eveyone to hurry up and eat so she could open her presents.When we got done eating and washing cheese off of everyone, it was time for presents!!! Yeah!! Ryan and I bought her Cowboy Barbie and a Barbie horse to go with it. Along with Cowboy Barbie, she got about a million other Barbies....and was just as excited every time she opened one. It was cute. I kept waiting on her to complain about not getting anything else, but I guess that's all she wanted. Ryan said it looked like a Barbie masacre after they were all ripped from their boxes.....he was right :-)
We tried to get a good picture and a goofy picture of the girls before they all left.
Saige (second from the left) didn't do the goofy face for us....party pooper!!!! But she did look beautiful!!!

The girls all thought Ryan was weird. I thought that was funny. But he was bound to get picked on....he was the only boy there. He was in charge of pictures. I don't think he realized what he was getting into when he agreed to carry the camera. I'm sure he loved every minute of it!!!


enN2sp said...
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enN2sp said...

Oh no feet! I know how you are about feet.

But it looks like your niece had a grat time.

enN2sp said...

I hate this, I left you one(1) comment and it come up with 2 of the samething. This happened the other day on Andrea's blog.

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Dang, awesome party!!