Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ekoostik Hookah Rocks The Plaza in Fort Wayne

Every Saturday in downtown Fort Wayne there is an event called "Rock the Plaza." It is outside the library on a concrete patio area with a small landing that acts as a stage for these events. They have several bands play for free each weekend, beer for sale, and a few vendors on the sidewalks. You have to keep the beer inside certain perimeters, but it's still really nice to be able to hang out downtown and drink a beer outside in public. You can bring lawn chairs and blankets and just sprawl out wherever you want. It was great!!It was a very family friendly. There were kids everywhere. A lot of them even ended up on stage throughout the evening. I don't think it bothered Dave on the keyboard, or Cliff on bass, but when they started getting in the path of Steve Sweney, things got a little funny. Sweney was literally hiding behind his stacks of speakers at one point in time. That was when the kids got officially kicked off hte stage. But it was super cute while it was happening. Cliff bent down and tried to get them to touch his bass strings, but they wouldn't do it. They couldn't stop bouncing long enough to even think. They were having the times of their lives!!! I ended up finding out that the little girl in the black and white belongs to a man from Marion, IN named David Williams. That's kinda weird because that's the ER Dr's name who I dated before Ryan :-)................Anyway, I found this out after posting the picture and he sent me a PM saying who he was. Now we have another Hookahhead close to home that maybe we can carpool with.
I had a lot of fun up front dancing with the kids. Honestly, I wanted to jump on stage too, but I didn't want to steal their glory :-)Dave was grinning all night long at the kids. He's a family man. In fact, he is the main reason Ekoostik Hookah doesn't travel very far very often. Most of their shows are based out of Ohio because he wants to be with his family as much as possible. Who could ever balme a man for that?This is our buddy, Rob Skinner. He was at the Phil and Friends show a couple days earlier. However, he was NOT sporting that Bus Driver hat. Cliff ended up wearing it by the end of the night.

I'm always frustrated with my pictures of Eric. This one is just like the rest of them.........whatever. We did get to hang out with Eric for awhile after the show. He told us a really funny story about being arrested in Mexico for pulling switches on the side of the road that shut the street lights out. They held him at gun point. How crazy is that?!?!?

I had been bugging Eric the night before about a drum stick. It might seem silly, but it's my thing. I can't help it. Unfortunately he didn't break one Friday at The Vogue, but because he didn't, I called dibs for Saturday's broken stick on Friday night....and I got it!!! After their encore was over, he handed it over to one of their stage hands and pointed mt out. As I was reaching to get it, some other chick tried to grab it, and Eric yelled "No, not her!!" That chick was pissed. He pointed me out, and I climbed up on the stage to get past her reach. It was pretty funny!!!!

I told him that he needs to come visit the candle lit shrine of himself that I have in my house. I think I had him wondering for a minute. It was funny......he knows I love him.

There's my baby and me!!! I liked this picture because of the sky and the buildings in the background. It was absolutely beautiful that night. Clear skies, not too humid, and just a little breezy. We couldn't have asked for better weather!!!

Sweney rocked our worlds just like always!! I talked to him both nights too. That's a rarity. First of all, I feel a little intimidated by him, and second of all, I don't want to be that annoying girl who follows the guys around and has nothing to say. I like being able to carry on a normal conversation with these guys. I still haven't found that comfort with Sweney yet. But, it's getting easier. I can't wait until next time I see him. I'm excited to tell him I went to see Rush. Their guitarist, Alex Lifeson, is one of Sweney's favorites.
This is Lisa, Kelly Ann, and me!!! I was really happy to see Lisa and her husband, Tom. They are super cool people. They were at Hookahville, but kinda of kept to themselves. Tom is a little older than Lisa, but they seem perfect for eachother. I'm really hoping they come to Fall Hookahville this year. I'd like to get to know them better.

I guess we'll say the other picture of me and Ryan was the "before" picture. This one must be the "after" picture. Luckily, Julie Wolfe offered to drive home, so I didn't have to play designated driver. I actually drank some beer....weird, huh? I am much more the wino than the beer drinker...but I have recently found a blueberry beer that I really like a lot. It's called Wild Blue....................good stuff!!!
Two of our good friends Julie Balvich, and Julie Wolfe rode with us. We kept joking about "the Julies all night. So here I am hanging out with "The Julies."For this being a free show, they made a pretty big production out of it. The lights were great. Buddy, their light guy seemed to be having fun when I went back to visit him for a minute. Julie B. was hanging towards the back with Buddy because she has a broken foot and is in a big boot right now. So every once in awhile I would wander back by the lights to talk to them.
We all had a great time, and the only bummer about this show being over is the fact that I have a whole month between seeing Hookah again....that doesn't happen too often....and I don't like it when it does.......BUT, I did see Rush this past weekend, so keep yourselves posted.


s-hooks said...

I love your 'before' and 'after' photos!

KellyAnn said...

Great pics you know I was waiting for you to post Saturday night. I'm glad you finally got around to it.

alli-gal said...

yeah....sorry it took so long. I haven't had much time to play at work....don't you feel sorry for me :-)?

I'll be posting soon about our trip to St Louis this past weekend.

enN2sp said...

You all looked like you had a great time, even the kids.

Next time you see Eric you let him know he needs to be careful about being arrested in Mexico.
They don't play. I know, even if you live there they don't play. My dad still has alot of family that live there. Also let him know not to mention that he might have more than $100 on him, THEY WILL take it espeacialy if he's been drinking. They don't care cause it their word against his.

enN2sp said...
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