Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'll kill her with kindness...

Why is it that when I get into an argument with someone, I always think of things I wish I would've said , but didn't?

I am not at all a confrontational person. If it's really worth my time, the passive aggressive route is usually the one I take. Mostly, I just ignore people who piss me off. Once in a great while, someone will do or say something so out of line or so rediculous, that I'll just snap!!!

Yesterday was one of those days. I actually confronted a woman at work after hearing that she had been talking about me. She was just being a little too vocal about a situation that didn't concern her and she knew nothing about. I was irate after hearing that she, of all people, would have the nerve to speak up about anything after her actions at work in the past.

I asked her if we could talk. She confirmed that what I had heard was true and that she was pissed at me. Then, after telling me this, she doesn't understand why I'm upset with her??? She's even more ignorant than I thought!! ( Ignorance is one of the most intolerable characteristics in my book) I didn't like the feeling that I needed to explain myself to her.

Short and sweet version....NONE OF HER BUSINESS!!!!!

My natural passive aggressiveness was totally overwhelmed with fury. It was a weird feeling for me. I'm usually the mediator in these situations. I have to admit, it did feel good to stand up for myself.

There are so many things that she has done that I wish I would have thrown in her face. But, it seems like I can never spit out what I really want to say. The stuff that will really hit home. It frustrates me.

Now that the ice is broken, I almost hope she says something to piss me off again soon. I had the perfect oppourtunity, and I blew it!! I know exactly where I'll be taking it next time.

Until then, I'll do what normally comes naturally to me. I'll kill her with kindness.


s-hooks said...

yeah, they hate that! is the person you were telling me about that you switched departments to get away from? she's got problems!!

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