Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm totally convinced that when my tires hit the road, it gives all the idiots in town a queue to jump into their cars and race to get in front of me!! It's amazing to me that it can take me over 20 minutes to make a six mile trip. People in my town love to get right in front of you and then just drop dead.

Are they really that oblivious to what's going on around them? Do they just sit back and smile when someone pulls out in front of them? Because, I can tell you, I DON'T!!! I'm one fo those crazy people rolling her window down asking them where they learned to drive. Hopefully I'll never do that to my boss on accident!!!

Another thing that really gets to me is the idiots that have to drive through town (where there is already an over abundance of street lights) and drive with their brights on. I have to admit that I do enjoy turning mine on and leaving them on until they pass me. Is that just as rude as them? I don't think so.

I'm beginning to be a little scared for the others on the road with me. I think I feel a huge rush of road rage getting ready to take over.


Andrea said...

Hey Allison, love your blog!!

You know what bugs me about traffic in Kokomo? Kokomo people think that US 31 is for their personal use and I'm convinced they don't believe it's an actual HIGHWAY! As soon as I hit 26 in Kokomo, anything north of there is like driving through an old folks home.

People use the highway as any other road. They totally disregard the 55 MPH speed limit and cruise along at 45 - 45 miles per hour.

Who has that kind of time? I have places to go, people to see, stuff to do! Get out of my way people!!!

Don't you just love road rage? Check out this website:

Talk to ya later!
Love ya!

s-hooks said...

ha ha!! too funny and too true! i'm sorry to say that -especially when i was pregnant- i suffer from road rage from time to time. my pet peeve. the last minute turn signal. ahhhh!