Wednesday, July 27, 2005

good ol' much music, so little time

Last night after getting home from an insanely busy night at work, I was on a search for something to help me relax. Just something simple to enjoy and forget about my day. I found it when I decided to take a gander at my old vinyl collection. What a journey that turned out to be!!

I spent hours searching through albums, ending the evening without enough time to even listen to any of them. As I began my search, I saught out The White Album first. I needed to know it was still OK. Kind of like a long lost love. I was satisfied with its condition and can't wait to get home to listen to it. I've listened to that album all my life...what great memories it carries with it!! I am fortunate enough to have several Beatles albums, even some that were never released in the U.S. I have my dad to thank for that.

It was exciting to find some things I had forgotten I owned. I have to credit my father with a good majority of the collection. Although I do tend to spend way too much time and money searching for vinyl at antique shops, garage sales, etc. It's amazing to me some of the treasures I have found for maybe a quarter or less. So many people don't care, or maybe don't know the value of what they have.

So, tonight, I have plans to spend some quality time with myself and my turntable. I love the old crackle behind all those great songs. My plans for tonight include a pretty wide range of music. I'll be pulling out some Led Zeppelin, of course. I'm ready for No Quarter and the Rain Song...just a couple of my favorites. I also came across The Who-Tommy....YES!!!!! What a great album...Thank you Pete Townsend!!!

I got a good laugh when I found an old Cheech and Chong record. That should prove to be pretty entertaining. Also on the list for tonight will be some Curtis Mayfield and Eric Burdon. Both are musicians I haven't listened to in a great while. I came across a couple Deep Purple albums that I'm not real familiar with, so I'm anxious to hear what they have to offer.

I have so many more albums to go through. It's been so long since I've taken the time to enjoy them. It's such a great way to reminisce. My father was a huge fan of music, and music has always had a tremendous influence in my life. It is always a great escape for me. In good times and bad, music has always been there for me. That's more than I can say for most things in my life.

So, tonight, I plan on going home and finding my "quiet place" within while listening to the crakle of my old turntable. I only wish I had more time. Falling asleep to some Miles Davis is the plan to end my evening.

So much music, so little time.........


Andrea said...

Every Christmas Brent and I could look forward to getting some great rock album from your dad. I always looked forward to my Uncle Robby present! I remember looking under Grammy's tree for that really flat present knowing that was an album from Uncle Robby. Usually he'd get us stuff he was listening to. I remember getting Foreigner one year from him.

I think I still have most of my albums (still at mom's house). In there you'll find my K-Tel collection and of course the Donny Osmond Double Album.

Do you remember sitting on my bedroom floor singing really loud to the Annie Broadway soundtrack? hehehe!!!!

Rosie said...

My sister and I had almost every Beatle album ever made and some imported ones also. My dad knew a radio DJ in the 70"s and he retired in the mid to late 80's and he gave us about 5 BEATLES albums and then after I married Brent she gave them to her Now EX boyfriends Aunt with an agreement that if she ever wanted to get rid of them to give them back. I know to this day that those albums are no longer with that person I FEEL IT. We had about 30 albums all together. I hate that she (my sister) did that with out asking me first. NOW I have in CD form the Red album, the blue album and the #1's and two John Lennon CD's that are not going to ever leave my home! Now all I have to say to the girls is who sings that song when I hear a song, they say "The Beatles" even if it isn't the Beatles.

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