Monday, July 25, 2005

A little jealous of may not understand

OK, I've heard enough about Sandra Bullock marrying Jesse James!!!

Give the poor girl a break. Just because she normally does pretty lame chick flicks, doesn't mean she's too good for a tattooed, rough housing, bike mechanic.

Personally, I think Jesse James is a pretty good catch!! I could see myself rubbing those nicely cut, tattooed arms...and,well, we'll just leave it at that!! Plus, I bet that little beauty looks pretty hot on the back of his chopper!! I guess you could say maybe I'm a little jealous of Jesse too!!!

I say way to go Sandy!!!!


Andrea said...

I've always said you look like Sandra Bullock (& Gloria Estefan)!! So why the heck couldn't you hang on the arm of Jesse James?

Just tell Ryan to get a few more tatoos, build a bike and an extreme car or two and you'll have your own version of Jesse!!

See ya later!

Rosie said...

I agree with Andarea all the way!

s-hooks said...

ooooh i've always thought he was hot!

Anonymous said...

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