Thursday, September 08, 2005


Well, here I am, back at work, still recuperating from Hookahville, which was this past weekend.

I threw in a couple photos of two of my favorite guys. Eric, here to the left is the one I call my "Buddy." I had such a great time watching him, and talking with him after the show. I got a pretty cool picture of us on his shoulders. I was so excited. Too bad I don't have a digital camera to share it with all of you.

Johnny, up there with the bongo drums, is another band member who I always try to chit chat with if possible. He always has this glow to him. Especially now, since he just got married a couple weeks ago....Congrats Johnny!!!

I was a little fearful of facing bad weather after all the hurricaine remnants rolling through, but the weekend turned out to be beautiful. Ryan and I were both very thankful for the perfect weekend we had. I do have to admit, however, my butt and legs hurt SOOOOOO bad from walking and dancing, and just being silly.

I actually hopped into a hoola hoop, which I haven't done in years. I think it would be a great form of exercise, so I'm considering it. Plus, I just didn't like being shown up by these little 10 year olds who can hoola for hours on end.

That's one of the great things about Hookahville. There are so many families there. The kids have plenty to do, and there are NEVER any hassells with the crowd. It's just not like that. I don't know of many places you can go with thousands of people, and so little security, and not have problems. The band makes their opinions very clear on making it a family friendly environment.

The shows were great, of course!! There were several bands there that I was not real familiar with, but I'm always up for something new. One band I really enjoyed was called the Hackensaw Boys. They were mostly bluegrass...with a little rock mixed in. I was very excited to have the chance to see Little Feat. They've been rocking out for decades. In fact, my dad saw them back in the late seventies, and I have an original poster from one of their shows in a small venue in New York from when my dad lived there. We also got to see Donna and the Buffalo, and DJ logic. So, as you can see, they try to get a good mixture of different music genres all's a great setup.

Ekoostik Hookah rocked both nights!!! I was so excited to hear my man Eric sing a couple songs. I make him blush when I tell him how much I love to hear him sing. Isn't that funny...this hard core biker, drummer, still gets a little self cute. (He'd probably kill me for saying he's "cute") Cliff pulled off a great cover of "These Dreams of You" by Van Morrison, who is one of my favorites. So, I was glad to hear that.

Of course, just as always, Eric sang the last song of the last set. He always does the finale. I look forward to that every year, but it's also a little bitter sweet knowing that the night is coming to an end. The finale is the only time he steps away from the drums, so, of course, I'm always right up front. I just can't get enough of that guy!!

My next plan is to e-mail him again, and stroke his ego a little about him singing. He DID tell me that we will definitely keep in touch while the band is taking their break this winter. He even mentioned coming to Ohio to check out some cool hangouts. Ryan will be along for the ride of course. Ryan is still number one, but he's all for us hanging out with the band, so I'm all over it!!!!

When I have more time, and my memory is refreshed a little, I'll write more details about the show.

Until then.............everyone take care.............and SMILE!!!!!

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