Monday, September 26, 2005

wish me luck!!!

Well, now that I have gotten some things taken care of at home, I'm ready to take care of some other business.

This Friday I will be driving down to Indy to pick up the last of my divorce papers from Michael. I've been waiting for him to send them back to me for almost six months. (he never was the most motivated person I've known) I've called him nearly every day for the last month hounding him about this. It's a little rediculous that it's taken us a year and a half to get through a "non-contested" divorce. He has told me over and over again that he would mail the paperwork to me, and time and time again, I've checked my mail to find nothing other than the typical junk and divorce papers. So, I decided enough is enough, and when he told me today that they'd be in the mail tomorrow, I told him to keep them and I would be down on Friday to get them in person.

It will be strange to see him after all this time. In a way, I'm a little anxious to see him. Mainly to see if I believe him when he says he's off drugs. He sounds good on the phone, but I sat right next to him at his worst, and heard him sound very good on the phone to others. Until I see him myself, I won't believe it. For his sake, I hope he is telling me the truth. I wish him nothing but good days for his future. So it will be interesting.

It has been almost two years since he moved out, and about 19 months since we've seen eachother. In some ways, it feels like it was a completely different lifetime. But, then again, it's also hard to believe he's been gone that long.

You know, they DO say that time flies when you're having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


s-hooks said...

You're not going alone, are you? I think Ryan or one of your other guy friends should go even if they wait in the car.

Andrea said...

Hey Allison, be careful. I expect you'll feel emotions you don't expect to feel. I remember the first time I saw Rob after months had passed. I know my own emotions surprised me. So guard your heart - you're a kind hearted person and he may see that as his way "in". Don't let him emotionally control you while you're there. In fact, it might be best for you to meet him somewhere other than where he lives...even if that means he has to walk to get there.

I hope you don't plan to stick around long - get the papers and get out. He's had plenty of time to get them to you and he hasn't. Sounds like a control game to me but I don't really know him well enough to know if that's one of his things.

Just be careful and call me if you need me while you're here.


Anonymous said...

Freedom oh sweet freedom :)