Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Isn't it nice when the day just isn't goin' right, and someone comes along and does something really nice for you?

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, or go above and beyond my call of duty, but one of my patients just decided that I needed a hug today.

Whether he knew it or not, I really needed that hug...it's those little things that make a big difference in our lives every day.

So thank you to my thoughtful patient that made me feel better about the day.



Anonymous said...

I am glad you got a hug today:)
I try to be a good person to all, but all I ever get, is talked bad about behind my back!

I need a hug:(

allison said...

Dear anonymous,

I believe in Karma...very strongly.

I don't want to make any false accusations, but think about things you've said and done in the past....do what you can now to change them...and Karma will come your way.

Your attitude sounds a little grim...if you look at things you can do to make others feel better about themselves, it's a lot easier to NOT feel so sorry for ourselves.

Maybe you should look back and forgive those people, no matter how hard that seems. Send a hug or nice gesture their way, and it will come back to you in the end.

I hope you get your hug today!!

Andrea said...

Let's all virtually hug anonymous!

Allison, I wish I could have been there to hug you when you needed it!

s-hooks said...

I'll take a hug while you're at it!!

Hey Allison, have you seen the new show on NBC called "Earl" with Jason Leigh? It's all about Karma. I love that show 'cause it makes ya think, and it's pretty darn funny too. It was on tonight, but I think it's moving to Thursday's because it's been a hit.

Andrea said...

Heck I'll take a hug...just got done paying bills....need I say more!

Rosie said...

Everyone needs a HUG at least 4 to 5 times a day.

I hug my kids and husband even if they don't want to . . . I WANT TO.

I especially HUG my kids.

Andrea said...

We love Earl. Earl RULES!

allison said...

Dear anonymous...if you are who I think you are....maybe you should look back at my blog entry called "be awake"

It has a lot that I think you should think about.

Remember..always treat others as you would want to be treated.

High school was over for us a long time ago, and it's time to start acting like it...sorry if that sounds rude.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alli,

Who do u think I am?
Like I said, I ask for permission or if I need something, I ask & say please and thank u.

I never talk bad about someone 'unless' I hear that someone has been talking smack about me!

This does not apply to u alli
u have never done or said anything to me, 'allthough' I do feel like I have gotten the cold shoulder because of a certain someones b.s.

My personal opinon about karma is bull crap! I have alway's tried my damn'st to treat others as I wish to be treated.

Life has not been as kind to me.

Anonymous said...

May everyone who reads this have a meryy christmas & a blessed new year! :)

Andrea said...

Anonymous....I have an idea.

Instead of saying..."life hasn't been kind to me" say "I haven't made the most of my life yet" and every day do something for yourself to make you feel better about you and about your life.

Even if it's as small as a cup of Starbucks, do something little for yourself to make you feel better about you.

Sorry, couldn't help but chime in here.

allison said...


It's not about saying please and thank you. Those are the easy things.

I have read copies of emails that were brought to me by MORE THAN ONE PERSON talking crap about my boyfriend, roommate, and friends....that is my proof that you DO talk about others...like I said, we're not in high school anymore.

And by the way, I think it's very inappropriate to include children and families in personal matters.

There have been things that maybe you didn't realize affected me, but they did, and I have felt very disrespected more than once. That may be where the "cold Shoulder" came from....sorry...can't help how I feel.

As far as Karma goes...my life has been pretty shitty with having to raise my own mother, losing my father, losing my husband to a crack habit, but because I have not turned the blame on anyone else, I still feel pretty good about where I stand in my own mind. Good things do come to me often, and I truely believe it's because of Karma and the good things I have done for others in my life.

That's what is really important. A grown adult should be able to look past what others think of them.

That is where I say High school is over...this has all reminded me of everything I absolutely hated about the immature people I had to deal with there.

Your closing comment about how "Life has not been good to you" is right where you need to start. We can never be good to others when we feel sorry for ourselves....there are a lot of things to be thankful for out there...you don't have to look hard.

allison said...

Also Brian,

This blog is not for this type of thing....and I AM DONE WITH THIS CONVERSATION FOR GOOD............

Andrea said...

Alli-gal, don't forget - as the owner of your blog, you can delete any comment you don't want on it. :) I love that feature!

s-hooks said...