Friday, December 02, 2005

photos that caught my eye from Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving day in Washington Square in New orleans. Dinner was provided by volunteers.
An unidentified man takes a break from cleaning out his home in New Orleans on Thanksgiving day.
Troops in Iraq enjoy their feast.
People get into the Thanksgiving day spirit with some appropriate headgear while enjoying their day at Disneyland.
Reverand Maurice Chase takes time out of his day to pass out money to the less fortunate in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day.
Wow! someone else eats flan too!! Aunt Jan would appreciate this!!
Children catch a peek of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade from a window along Broadway.
two deer enjoy the snow of Thanksgiving in Ohio.
A soldier plays guitar while spending Thanksgiving away from home.
Ben Franklin is a bourbon red turkey enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner of mealworms...yummy!!!!

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Andrea said...

Love the variety of pictures!!