Monday, December 19, 2005

women drivers suck...yeah, I said it!!

I think I must have come across all the idiots in Kokomo today on my way to work.

The route I take to work requires me to go through five stop lights. There were four old women drivers infront of me stopping at the green lights!!!!!!!!! Four out of five freakin' lights, I made unecessary stops at. Do you realize I could've clocked in about three minutes sooner if it weren't for these idiots? What the hell is wrong with these people?

I like to scream a lot in my car, but I try to be careful not to flip people off, because I might just have to x-ray that stupid old woman when I finally make it to work that day!!

Some days people just drive me crazy!!!

Where's my Klonopin when I need them?!?!?!?


Andrea said...

The way people drive in that town induces instant road rage in me.

A few weekends ago, I got behind some guy on 31 cruisin' along at an easy 35 miles an hour (55 mile an hour zone) oh, and he was in the fast lane. Beside him...a semi going equally as slow stuck behind some other grandma using the highway as any other road in town.

Because of all the stop lights, I could not get around this idiot.

I got as close as automobillically possible so all he could see was the enormous grill of our Dodge RAM pick up in his rear view mirror. When I finally got to my turn lane I shot him an evil face (and cursed him inside my head). Its was all the relief I needed.

Why can't we just run people off the road when we want to?

s-hooks said...

Uh, my mom has a problem with lights. I don't know if she's just letting off the accelerator or what, but I'm pretty sure she taps the brake when approaching green lights. I expect it anymore, but I know it drives John batty.

I have to give her credit though. Because when she's driving that Camero I swear she does 0-50 in two seconds flat. She has somewhat of a lead foot in that thing.

Hey! Maybe if all the blue hairs drove sportscars we wouldn't have that problem!

allison said...

the blue hairs..............that's brilliant!!!!!!

Rosie said...

The other day I got in the school van to up to Peru with our education coordinator and our fatherhood consultant. Well he dove and ALLLL THE WAAAAY to Peru I felt I was going to get whiplash! He kept pumping the accelerator. I wanted to reach over and push his leg down and tell him to leave it there.

Anonymous said...

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